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  1. Neku99


    v1 (with text) v1 (without text) Read some tutorials in dA and incorporated them here. I think I'm going to take a break after this ahaha. CnC plox
  2. Neku99

    Sleep Version 2

    v1 v2 (oh well ahaha) I'm in a sort of Tag making frenzy right now. I just can't stop. This one is (I think) my first ever Kingdom hearts signature. Who knows it's been a long time. CnC Plox :D
  3. Neku99

    Loyalty Version 2

    v1 v2 (removed the effect on the dog) Hello everyone! Just finished this a few minutes ago. Took me long enough. I watched Hachiko today and was definitely inspired. CnC plox :D
  4. Neku99

    Help/Support ► Can't Sleep Haven't Slept Yet

    Well the titles says as much. It's just now I couldn't sleep last night until now. I even ate breakfast earlier. I even COOKED MY FOOD. And now I'm using the COMPUTER! I don't even feel like going to sleep. It's like I just woke up. Omg what's happening to me? EDIT: It seems I blacked out and...
  5. Neku99

    Serah Version Showcase [versions 5 and 6 Final]

    EDIT: Yeah this turned out to be more of a showcase, sorta. I've made so many versions XD. But I think I'll stop now ^_^ Final Versions! Serah V5 Serah V6 _____________________________ Serah V1 Serah V2 Serah V3 Serah V4 Well I went to searching for stocks and I found...
  6. Neku99

    A very wierd Idea that struck me!

    Ok so I was just minding my business checking out some modeling sites (when I mean modeling I mean, sora = a large chunk of polygons that were shaped to be sexy. And in no way is sora sexy. In short 3dsmaz that sort of thing) Ok so I was thinking about game physics, how a ball in a video game...
  7. Neku99


    Version 1 Version 2 Well I did this a few weeks ago. Apparently I didn't work on it very much. But I wanted to post it anyway for some cnc. I might edit it. It's pretty big. (Stock is from a twelve sky wallpaper. . . which is a mmorpg . . . pretty awesome mmorpg ^.^)
  8. Neku99

    Limini Rain ~

    Limini Rain~ Neku99 Rain, rain, rain It was raining again And I was walking by the wet road I had this umbrella but I forgot my name It was so frustrating yet I knew It didn't matter Cause if you where just pencil on paper You couldn't ditch the never ending scenes Of what this artist's wants...
  9. Neku99

    Roseheart [1]

    I got bored. made this. it's not that good. but. a little cnc should help. a bit
  10. Neku99

    Juggernaut baby!!!!

    Yurnero from Dota! :36::36::36::36::36: cnc please :D :36::36::36:
  11. Neku99

    shana...SHANA...SHANA!...ok V2

    V2 cnc :D
  12. Neku99

    Help/Support ► Okay I gots girl issues!

    ._. *stares*....awesome! lol sorry grammar mest up ^^ you sure do :D true love infatuation let the guy choose people
  13. Neku99

    Help/Support ► Okay I gots girl issues!

    your scaring me ._. @ SRB2Unleashed: don't double post please. I did that once, I never thought it was bad...but yeah it is, so if possible avoid double posting :D
  14. Neku99

    Help/Support ► Okay I gots girl issues!

    ^ yep this is a good advice
  15. Neku99

    Help/Support ► Okay I gots girl issues!

    this and besides if you keep coming with all that stuff, there's a chance that you'll just pushing her away. Give her some time man :/ EDIT: >:(
  16. Neku99

    The Ether Vibes NEW!!!!

    NEW!!! cnc please...:embarassed: V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 cnc please...:embarassed:
  17. Neku99

    CRIMSHOOON blahblah blah

    well I originally wanted this to be different but then, I just got bored :embarassed: cnc away guys :36:
  18. Neku99

    Cool Kitty Birthday

    WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE OH YESH IT'S AVALANCHE'S 14TH BIRTHDAY!!!:36: I don't really know him much but he's a kitty...Puppies love Kitties.... >:3!!!!!!! Happy birthday mate! ^^ C"MON people give him some love! ^^
  19. Neku99


    Basically this is a poem that I made way back due to boredom. It ain't finished yet I just can't find a good ending so~ I'll be posting every update here until I finish it ^^. It ain't that good just want to show it ._. ... UPDATE: 1-10 Forgotten 1 The usual Nothing different Nothing new...
  20. Neku99

    do you think there was any worlds in kh2

    Twilight Town was pretty mysterious. I like, it pretty peaceful and quiet...TOO QUIET O.O I just wished they made a KH so that you can search every nook and cranny...but then where'd be the mystery