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    Energy Ball

    I saw a similar project on deviantart and got inspired to try to see if I can reflect a texture using a lamp going through multiple objects. After a few days of playing around I finally got it to work. (I put the same texture on the other objects to test) These are my results. Quick Edit: The...
  2. J

    Help/Support ► love triangle gone terribly wrong

    Punch them all in the throat. /thread
  3. J

    Happy Birthday, Mate.

    Fuck Sobriety, here's to Dan.
  4. J


    Every article in the English Wikipedia links to Adolf Hitler within 8 jumps, prove me wrong.
  5. J

    Hey you, Pikachu! DS

    Remember this cute little fucker that never listened no matter what you say? This game was awesome, the main issue of the original N64 game was that voice recognition was hard for the game to translate. Now since microphone technology has improved and they did already make a tech demo (Pikachu...
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    i'm pro-life
  7. J

    Don't worry, Angel.

    You won't feel a thing after I break this chair over your face.
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    Help/Support ► F***ING KH HATERS

    Re: F****ING KH HATERS *bangs fist on keyboard* Damn it! Why did he have to die? He was only FOURTEEN! He had his whole life ahead of him! *sighs and begins shedding more tears*
  9. J

    Help/Support ► Cheating husband

    Tell your mom to put out more . /thread
  10. J

    I know how I hacked the site!

    IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! I'm a master hacker guise.
  11. J

    I present to you: Joey Porsche

    This mother- is hardcore, no matter what you do in life you'll never be as cool as he is. WHY DON'T YOU GUYS TRY CHUGGING GRAY GOOSE, AND WITH THE CAP ON AT THAT!
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    Help/Support ► "i don't love you, but i'm trying to"

    hai, i want attention i can has sum?
  13. J

    Oricalcum+ Help

    I'm aware the questions already been answered, but please use the search function before you post. If you had, you would of come by this: http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-2-help-needed/50011-official-ultima-weapon-guide.html There are guides.
  14. J

    This thread.

    Anyone think I should Goku the doctor? D':
  15. J

    finding megalixers for kurt zisa

    Synthesize it in Traverse Town. The ingredients are: Bright Shard x5, Bright Gem x3, Bright Crystal x1, Shiny Crystal x1, Gale x2 Synthesis list: GameFAQs: Kingdom Hearts (PS2) Item Synthesis FAQ by WolfKnight
  16. J

    A Present for Futureman

    I'd give you it, but I'm afraid Brawl doesn't exist in the future. >: Happy Birthday, Crow.
  17. J

    Help/Support ► Poopface.

    How exactly do you want him to be punished? Physically, mentally, both? These questions MUST be answered.
  18. J


    That's not the same Chain of Memories, the Pluto card only exists in Chain of Memories RE (aka Remake). The game is only out in Japan. It's speculation, but many decided that what he does is dig up either a card or a bone. Random card, can't explain which. The bone can either increase or...
  19. J

    The Mystery of Roxas

    I'm confused, mind retyping that in proper ENGLISH? Your grammar is too hard to make out, I didn't get what you said.