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  1. J

    Help/Support ► Khinisder...help me figure out this girl. I need advice from the experienced.

    Talk to her say "If you like me, tell me, and dont' make excuses like it seems you've been making. I want to know. If you don't like me, I don't want to be hung up on someone that doesn't like me. I can't do that to myself." That would be the last straw, if she said no, end it.
  2. J

    Help/Support ► Always Paranoid

    A lot of people fear those things man. It's normal. Fearing the future... way things'll turn out for you... it's a difficult thing to think about. It scares me too. I just don't live my life by it.
  3. J

    Help/Support ► Are my parents splitting up?

    ...your mom honestly seems like the main problem in the marriage. Your dad's apathy could have very well spawned from the fact that your mother is so damn controlling. After a while, it must've just got to him so much he was like "screw it". At least, that's how it seems. Also, the marriage...
  4. J

    Ashes Remnant

    Just thought to play with you. Name: Translation would be Daniel, if we could ever have a translation from his language to our own. Age: Well, considering Daniel's species have a life span that exceeds a normal human life span more than ten times, Daniel is relatively young at 200. Species...
  5. J

    Help/Support ► so I'm atheist/agnostic now, and

    You do realize that most christians don't even think about this, right? Please don't tell me you're that ignorant to believe they'l actually think like that.
  6. J

    Lit ► Help

    Anyone know where I could download/read online Arthur Miller's play "The Man with all the luck"? If not, then "All My sons" by him will suffice
  7. J

    Help/Support ► Need help, topic is a wonderful girl <3

    I'm just really hoping he's a troll.
  8. J

    Help/Support ► Quick question regarding slopes (algebraically)

    Math is fun. Being able to graph and understand (2x^3-7)/(3x^2+6) is one of the coolest things I've ever experienced
  9. J

    Help/Support ► I don't necessarily need help, but I wann get this off my chest.

    To be honest, knowing this fucking girl, I can say that she is fucking insane. Being OP's friend in real life, I can vouch for the fact that she is crazy. His actions, although assholish, were justified in the sense that he was trying to get her to see him as an asshole. That way, it wouild...
  10. J

    Collab idea, need some extra people

    So, I want to build a character. The basic premise is that he will be a small infant, onyl recently gaining the baility to use his powers. His intelligence grows extremely quickly, and he can throw a toy in the air and realize the amount of force needed, and the physics behind such a force...
  11. J

    Help/Support ► Night Terrors

    The dress thinks you are too.
  12. J

    Help/Support ► emotions are for pussies

    Grow some balls and talk to her.
  13. J

    Help/Support ► everyone HATES me!!!

    Dude, honestly, you have to tell them ot fuck off. or fuck with their mind so bad that they go home and questino who they are.... but I doubt you can do that.
  14. J

    Help/Support ► Help me, please

    Tell her she's a manipulative btich, look at her in disgust and walk away, and never talk to her again. Don't talk about her, ignore her when she treis talking to you, etc. It'll get the message across after a while.
  15. J

    Star Light to challenge

    Hey star. I know you want to learn, so I'm going to help you out. I'll be using a guy that controls water, and you can use whomever. I'll help you out, so this'll be a learning experience. Just post your template and say if you accept, k?
  16. J

    Help/Support ► Issues with my brother

    Tell him if you see him sending pictures of himsefl over to random people (no, facebook and myspace dont' count. I was doing shit like that at 12), then say you're taking the powerchord and monitor chord to his computer. When he doesn't believe you and he does it again, pull the plug, and walk...
  17. J

    Help/Support ► Fighting Experience. What would you do if you were me?

    The guy sounds stupid, and really, you could've very easily talked him out of it. Although people might not be able to think logically to themselves, if someone else does it for them they're usually like "oh shit". The guy was drunk too, so it could've gone either way. That's how I would've...
  18. J

    Hey all members of KHI

    How do you think Silh's been doing so far as admin. I feel like laughign when everyone hates him. Also, tell people about this.
  19. J

    Help/Support ► Anyone simple question then Im gone for awhile again

    Uh, no. That's horribly, horribly wrong. Just because you have confidence with woman, doesn't mean everyone does.
  20. J

    Help/Support ► What DO I do?

    Uh, what now? Sure you didn't mean Rena, and not me? Plus it's a fake age guys.