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    Getting the hell out of here.

    Hi guys. Just wanted to say, I'm done with KHI. I'll pop in a couple of times in the next week or two to check this thread, and say good bye to my friends, not that I have many. I registered in September of '08, but didn't truly become active until early April of this year. I've met a lot of...
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    BBS Bundle

    They won't.
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    BBS Bundle

    To say that it's extremely likely is more accurate. DISSIDIA is getting a US bundle.
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    Why was Donald SURPRISED at where Yensid lived in kh2???

    Because the writing in KH II was subpar?
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    (SPOILERS) Roxas

    He had emotions before absorbing Xion, or did you not see the scene where he woke up to himself crying?
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    Roxas and Ven

    He's still a Nobody, just a special one. Remember that Axel can cry too. I know you haven't played KH and KH II, be I'll be nice about this. Here's the thing: Sora isn't chosen by the Keyblade. Riku is. Everyone knows this. And he certainly isn't pure-hearted, as he's capable of being turned...
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    (spoilers) What do you think of 358/2?

    Re: (possible spoilers) What do you think of 358/2? Gameplay was impressive, multiplay was the shit. Story was... less than impressive. I need to do my review xD.
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    So... Has Dual Wielding Been Confirmed Yet?

    I don't think I was the first do it it. Remember: You equip the Zero Gear, and put three ability modifiers on it. Have fun with it. P.S.: One modifier makes it into Oathkeeper, two makes it Two Across.
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    ven,terra's, and aquas keyblades

    Agreed. The Ven Keyblade is fan made art, and is fairly off.
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    So... Has Dual Wielding Been Confirmed Yet?

    No. That's the legitimate way to do it. Anyone can. It was put in there by the developers. They wouldn't make an entire move-set for DW Roxas and even a new limit break just for him to use it for two minutes. Did you even read everyone else's posts?
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    Days E3 Press Kit Leaked

    Holy hell. I've never seen Silh post in FOKH.
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    ven,terra's, and aquas keyblades

    I guess I'm the only one who thinks it's stupid, then.
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    How do you beat Xaldin on Proud mode?

    He asked about Xladin, not KH II in general.
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    How do you beat Xaldin on Proud mode?

    Yeah... Reflect should be all you need for that fight. Guard helps too, for when he lunges his spears at you, that'll bounce the attack back and give you time to learn several jumps.
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    Twilight Town Debris Flow boss battle Help (Day 353)

    Umm.. Just set four Air Slides, that should help. Taking off high jump so you get to the ground sooner and can jump more often is also good.
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    (Spoilers 358/2 days) Keyblade names

    This is like the ninetieth thread on this subject. xD
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    [spoilers] timeline contradictions/ ven and xion

    It's to hold Roxas's memories of Sora, I believe. But don't quote me on that. I already dislike the games story enough, don't make it worse.
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    I saved right after it so I could redo the Saïx fight.
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    Dude, don't bother on the link, you won't find it.
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    I don't know how, but he's very much playable. I've heard many different things. The most likely is to beat the game on proud, which I'll start doing the 4th, since I only have 1 hour and 15 minutes of school that day.