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    Crazy rumors

    I actualy quite like the name Siru... lol....what a cool rumor.
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    The official 'Complain about how you're not getting it on the 28th' thread

    I think all of the people who are getting it 28-onwards are pritty darn lucky..and should stop complaneing about how you are not getting it the very morning or week it comes out. Just think of all us Europeans who might not be getting it till October.:( Dark keybearer has a point.
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    why is he back??

    That is a Major spolier..just warning ya.
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    KH2 cover

    Is that thr real case? because i though it was going to be shiney like the first game. Kind of a downer. Still looks boss though nice 1.
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    Probable English Kh2 Opening.

    Look i am really sry about the sound. (i did metion it) :( If anyone has a betta version could you please put it up and ill alter the vid. :)
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    Probable English Kh2 Opening.

    I was bored..so i just had ago at what i think the English KH2 opening will be like. Good news i have now fixed the sound problem so here is the vid in its true fourm. Hope you all like..:D FIXED VERSION. http://youtube.com/watch?v=Omo9uHdAtg0
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    game playing

    Im gonna re-play KH1 and compleat DMD mode with Vergil on Devil may cry.
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    fav thing in kh2

    Im looking forward to the game in generall... can't wait to find out the story. Oh and of i can't wait to kick some hearless A$$ again useing the Drive.
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    did anyone...

    I have just Pre-orderd my copy with this seller who has been good to me on Ebay. (Broght most of my NTSC games from him.)
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    KH1 on psp??

    PSP ver of KH1 would rule..but i wish they would remake KH:COM for the PSP with full graphics insted of the cartoon ones. (Eventhogh i did like the graphics to the GB ver.)
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    UK release date for KH2

    I live in the UK to I wouldent worry though from what i know it is being released in Europe but no date has been set for it yet. It will probaly be a few months after the NA release.
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    WE need scans....
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    New Kh2 Ultimania SCANS!!!

    OMG i never thought it was so big...WOW :eek: ......wish they did a english ver. :(
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    Interview HELP!

    I was just wondering if anyone can put the MTV Interviews of filefront or summthing so i can download them..i have seen the Haley Joel Osment Interview..but all the rest won't load for me.:(
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    It sounded weird to me but not awful....but im just used to Passion...need to hear the full version before i cast jugement properly.
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    longer anti-form vid

    It has the most combos i think.. so it might be the most powerfull one.
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    passion (english)

    There is....about 5 versions of Passion.. *Orcestra version *Opening version *Original version *After the battel version *The best one planet T remix version As for the english "Passion/Sanctuary", it is set to accompany the release of KH2 NA version. So there is no confirmed release date...
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    Kingdom Hearts II N.A. Cover Art!!

    It also has the blue out line around the charicters which is not on the jap ver. (i think?)
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    Kingdom Hearts II N.A. Cover Art!!

    I like it. It looks betta than the Jap ver i think.
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    Are you going to be annoyed?

    I just wanted to know if any of you (or is it just me?) are going to be annoyed if KH2 is not released in at least the first week of March. :confused: Ok i know it was said that it was spring 2006 and there was no confirmed set date in March(Still isent!) but they did say March. So im just...