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  1. Dawninmyheart

    Dawninmyheart's Action Figure Photography

    Dawninmyheart's Figure Photography A place for those who are still kids at heart Please click the image for full view and details. More on the way - check back soon!
  2. Dawninmyheart

    Farewell [Updated]

    Hey, gang, it's been a long while!
  3. Dawninmyheart

    Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy X: Mistakes & Glories

    Thank you, everyone, for all your kind comments! I shall my do best to do this right. :) (And FFX is my favorite FF game so far, as well)
  4. Dawninmyheart

    Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy X: Mistakes & Glories

    "Hey! Wake up, or your breakfast will get cold." He suddenly woke up, pulling himself out of the dream. He looked up to see the source of the voice that woke him up. A cranky-looking guard was standing over Jecht with a bowl in his hand. After setting the bowl on the ground beside Jecht, the...
  5. Dawninmyheart

    Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy X: Mistakes & Glories

    Chapter I: Otherworld "Did you hear? Jecht showed up at practice drunk again!" "Who hasn't heard? I guess 'The Great Jecht' isn't the role model we thought he was. He should just quit now while he's still got some dignity left." Jecht sighed, overhearing these words as he walked down the...
  6. Dawninmyheart

    Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy X: Mistakes & Glories

    (winner of a writing competition) Ten years before the events of Final Fantasy X, Jecht, the king of Blitzball, found himself among the company of Summoner Braska and his guardian, Auron. Together, they traveled to rid the world, Spira, of Sin. Their pilgrimage was never recorded it its...
  7. Dawninmyheart

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Heart of Fire (Ch. 4 now up)

    Thanks! :'D I can't wait 'til I update it too. Lol
  8. Dawninmyheart


    For SOTW. The first person to tell me what excelsior means gets a virtual cookie!
  9. Dawninmyheart

    Cynical, it's just your way [Updated]

    Update: peteshrug
  10. Dawninmyheart

    Be not wise in thine own eyes

    I think I'm getting better at this smudging thing.
  11. Dawninmyheart

    Cards are war, in disguise of a sport.

    Yeah, Sora again. And I have another Sora tag in works that I should be posting soon. (Title is a quote from Charles Lamb)
  12. Dawninmyheart

    And how you'll scream!

    For SOTW. I am aware that the tear on the paper could use some work, and I'll get to it later.
  13. Dawninmyheart

    New Kingdom Hearts merchandise @ Hottopic.com

    Check them all out here! ^ And is this the imfamous Organization cloak? Because it is not listed as such, but looks stunningly similar. (link)
  14. Dawninmyheart

    Hope renewed

    (Original tag) For this week's fun SOTW theme, I literally renewed Hope.
  15. Dawninmyheart

    Lion-Hearted [Updated...again]

    Update: Another Update: This is not a KR∆NK production. Critique, please.
  16. Dawninmyheart

    We can overcome this Squall

    This is the first wallpaper I've made by myself since I got a photoshop a year ago. CNC, please.
  17. Dawninmyheart

    Blood is the new black [Updated]

    For this week's SOTW. Eh, I'm not sure about the blood splatter version. Perhaps our local blood expert, KR∆NK, could give me a few pointers...?
  18. Dawninmyheart

    New Kingdom Hearts products @ Hottopic.com!

    If this is old, I'm sorry. I'm lovin' the first and third necklace. They're definitely on my Christmas list. Link: Kingdom Hearts - Pop Culture
  19. Dawninmyheart

    Fanfiction ► ven x aqua fanfiction?

    If it's natural, sure! Let me know if you ever do one. In fact, you could have it critiqued here, if you want it critiqued that is.
  20. Dawninmyheart

    I must confess that I feel like a monster [Updated]

    Where is everybody? D: If you guys don't CNC this within the next 42 hours, I'm filing missing person reports! This was inspired by something my boss made.