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    After BBS

    God I hope not. KH is just trying to stay alive right now. Lets hope they run out of ideas, cause some of them are getting worse. And I don't see anything knew about to happen. We already know mostly everything.
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    Since Disney JUST bought Marvel...you know creators of Spiderman, Ultraviolet, Superman...etc... I bet that if KH keeps going, we're going to be seeing some super SUPER Heroes... Your thoughts.
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    BBS Characters Ages?

    Yeah Terra 19 - 22 Aqua 17 - 19 Ven - ??? Not sure
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    Future gaming systems

    Does anyone else find it slightly annoying that all 3 new KH games are for different systems? Ones for Mobile Phone Another for PSP And another for DS. I find that annoying, and my Business Teacher said its unfair. XD
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    the gameplay of bbs

    That is so cool XD Im gonna play as Aqua first, then Ven and Terra, cause I dont know..
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    Boss conclusion in BBS.

    You pretty much summed that up didnt ya? XD good job, reps~
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    Boss conclusion in BBS.

    Indeed we shall, but how? 8D
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    Boss conclusion in BBS.

    When you put it that way, that makes me feel better XD Thanks again.
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    Boss conclusion in BBS.

    Phew, thanks for that D: I was unsure anyways, thanks man~
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    Boss conclusion in BBS.

    We've all probably seen the video of Terra holding Ven, protecting him from the old man who looks like Xehanort. Well I know a boss thread about BBS has been made, but mine is a little different. For me, I think a boss will be the guy who looks like Xehanort, and his Nobody in the heartless...
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    Xemnas's deplete, and other questions.

    So we found out in the game 358/2 days, we see Organization members "killing" heartless. And the Org XIII said that any heartless slain with the Keyblade releases a heart which goes up, and soon gets added to Xemnas's Kingdom Hearts. And in KH CoM, and KH Re: CoM, when Sora is sleeping, I take...
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    Nobody gender D:

    I dont know where this should go XD But anyway..we all know that people who give into darkness create a nobody? Well..okay so if your a guy you have a guy nobody, and a girl has a girl nobody....what if that person got a sex change? LMAO. What would there nobody be?
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    Aquas confusion

    Everyone thoughts and opinions im taking into thought. Thanks guys.
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    Aquas confusion

    I wanna double post D: Your theories are plausible.
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    Aquas confusion

    I know right? D8 ...this sucks
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    Aquas confusion

    Gracias :3 I appreciate it.
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    Aquas confusion

    You made my day <3 In that case....for now, he's forzen. XD
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    Aquas confusion

    Hey? What can you do with a curious mind? XD
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    Aquas confusion

    Eveeyone already IS waiting, but the point of this whole forum is for people to talk about the games, and think of theories, and ideas of whats to come. So shush.
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    Aquas confusion

    Ven wanted to be erased though D8 Aqua probably kicks Maleficent's butt ~ Lmao - I know she's not important enough, I said that already XD