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  1. Oathy

    What did Sora shout at the end?

    I wasn't contradicting you, I was agreeing with you. xD If it mattered, they would've changed it or made it MUCH more readily obvious what he was saying. This is a Japanese game, people, watch your average anime and they pretty much have characters spell out un-obvious things for those who...
  2. Oathy

    What did Sora shout at the end?

    Did anybody realize that they probably didn't bother reanimating his lips from the Japanese in the FMV, seeing as there's no speech behind it and it's QUITE difficult to modify an FMV over a polygon-based cutscene--? So he's probably mouthing something in Japanese that 99.9% of you wouldn't be...
  3. Oathy

    Submit your Questions to Vexen's VA!

    Hey guys! You probably remember that last summer, Kyle Wynen and I represented KHinsider and FinalFantasyXIII.net at Otakon 2008. We interviewed voice actor and director Richard Epcar about his experiences working on Kingdom Hearts II as Ansem/Xehanort. Well, it's that time again! We'll...
  4. Oathy

    does anyone think this could mean something?

    This is pretty old news, hate to tell you. Until the actual game clears up the Xehanort dilemma, we can't say for sure. [Closed]
  5. Oathy

    Princesses and *Kairi* in Birth by Sleep?

    Monkeybutt and I were just discussing the timeframe of KH:BBS. I came up with a rather interesting observation and theory. In Kingdom Hearts, Leon and Yuffie mention their world was overtaken by darkness "9 years ago". In other words, Kairi would have been five years old (seeing as she was 14...
  6. Oathy

    3rd symbol

    Ah...the statement doesn't really make any sense. Could you start a new thread and make your point a bit clearer, please? ^_^ [Closed]
  7. Oathy

    Three Brand-New Interviews with Nomura and Team!

    Hey all! I just spent TWO AND A HALF HOURS, kthx, cleaning up these three interviews that have been floating around from Famitsu. Please do go take a look--there's lots of great new info to be found here. Tons of New Info in Nomura Interviews! - Kingdom Hearts Insider Discuss away!
  8. Oathy

    ingredients for a power boost

    Make sure to use the 'Help Needed' section next time. ^_^ [Closed]
  9. Oathy

    can anyone give me some info on the magic swap disc?

    There's also a page on the main site, KHinsider.com, that will help you out. Go check it out! [Closed]
  10. Oathy


    We only know the whereabouts of Xehanort's heartless--he was the one who attempted to overtake Kingdom Hearts in KH1. The others have never been mentioned, so most likely they just became ordinary heartless. [Closed]
  11. Oathy

    Vens Memories????

    No need to be condescending, Riku-Keyblade. Yes, that castle is Hollow Bastion, and even though I DO believe they were thinking ahead to other games, Ven's story was probably not in the cards at that moment. [Closed]
  12. Oathy

    A shadow of Riku in a Birth by Sleep scan.

    Kay, guys, we don't have to beat a dead horse if we've already said it's not Riku. <3 [Closed]
  13. Oathy

    Fanfiction ► Sakura Lovelight

    *points at post above her* Gunblade_girl, your icon makes me all kinds of happy. SYAORAN PILE! Anyway, as a test of your writing ability, PMF, I'd say you have talent. Definitely. Only suggestions would be separating dialogue into separate lines, as you'd find in books, as dialogue is sometimes...
  14. Oathy


    For cheat codes, etc, please post in the Help Needed section. [Closed]
  15. Oathy

    i need.....

    If you want to talk emulators and things like that, hit up Technology, one of the other boards. And yes, it's illegal. :3 If you like KH that much, buy it, or borrow it. Why not support a game you enjoy? [Closed]
  16. Oathy

    Fanfiction ► This Time, I'll Fight :: A Post-CoM AUFic

    Thanks, Deeman-nii! :D Here we go with Chapter Three. Just as a reminder, guys, these early chapters were written in 2005--so bear with the n00biness. <3 Chapter Three: Hollow Bastion “You want a room? I mean, you’ve never had a proper stay here, have you?” Yuffie chuckled as they made their...
  17. Oathy

    Fanfiction ► This Time, I'll Fight :: A Post-CoM AUFic

    Hehe, sorry guys, got sidetracked with vacation for a couple days. Here we go with CHAPTER TWO! <3 Chapter Two: Escape "On the lookout again?" Kairi jumped slightly, startled by the sudden voice from behind. The smallest of the ocean waves lapped around her clunky school shoes, slowly soaking...
  18. Oathy

    Fanfiction ► This Time, I'll Fight :: A Post-CoM AUFic

    Thank you, GTXmylove! <3 Oh, just so everyone knows, I'll post a chapter per day. But if you get impatient, head to my fanfiction page! (fanfiction.net/~perhelediel)
  19. Oathy

    Fanfiction ► This Time, I'll Fight :: A Post-CoM AUFic

    Hey there, everyone. Back in June 2005, I began writing a post-CoM sequel, beginning with Kairi's return to Destiny Islands and Sora's awakening from his memory-restoring sleep--"This Time, I'll Fight", essentially how I thought the story should continue. The plot of KH2 is ignored in the...
  20. Oathy

    kh2 final mix secret trailer song's name

    Posting after a question is answered is *spamming*, kiddos. [Closed]