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    my unbirth idea.

    the idea works right? The parts that have been or are been proved wrong do not prove the theory in general wrong. However,Riku had the soul eater and then took Sora's keyblade in KH1 am I correct? So,Riku took the whole blade,but if the theory that the soul eater is a keyblade he need only take...
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    I am the only one that likes to

    argue until people have to agree with you it's hard to explain so I'll demonstrate with what happened on friday. So I was playing on the school field at school when the teachers told us that we couldn't play football because of thursdays complications that I didn't know about. so we went to th...
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    thanks for adding the "not a new one"bit for me
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    No you can get it here's how: Finish sora's story and then finish riku's then go back to sora's and open chests on floor thirteen one of the cards will be ansem.
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    Clouds Sword

    sorry for not posting couldn't find the thread :Thumbs up: well as for the whole Vincent/Cloud thing I read that the clothing had nothing to do with vincent
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    it was i have done it now thanks
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    Mickey, donald and goofy

    Just a thought but chip and dale didn't get out so mabye they picked everybody up using the gummi ship
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    Clouds Sword

    In KH2 Cloud has his sword bandaged up.I want to know why.My friends think it's so he has a powerful sword.Opinions.Thereoies
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    is the organization 13 good?

    well I never thought that they were evil apart from the order which were.But your'e right they only wanted there hearts...
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    can some body help me? I need to beat malificents dragon form but can't can somebody help me also what lvl did you defeat her on?
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    Does Sora own more than one keyblade? -Theory-

    I know moncus said this a while ago but it might help make a better theory I was browsing and found something quite interesting if you look at roxas's keyblade it has a paupu (spelling?) fruit on the end that he got from namine and that his is longer so that must mean that roxas's keyblade has...
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    hello I'm new here I came because of many people talking about thr site I hope I enjoy my stay.