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    kh2 song

    That girl is teh Famus Utada Hikaru and yes the Simple and Clean Remix is really good.
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    not sure if new...BHK with Kingdom Key

    Thats kinda true...if u can detatch the micky one with another, then u can possibly leave the chain off. Mebe u dont get anything...or its just the same, but if the chain gets in ur way, take it off lol But now i think we are going in deeper than what tetsuya may have been thinking up yet lol
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    the coliseum....

    Its likely this would happen. Like the shadow storms in the colisem in the first one, I guess u can sorta consider that an army. So i would think its possible...but dont get ur hopes tooo high.
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    not sure if new...BHK with Kingdom Key

    OMG!! i thought i was the ONLY one who saw that! thank god! another person with true sight!!!
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    Riku or Sora

    Hm...i wonder which i will pick... Well..My name Doesnt say RikusKingdom, now does it? So i choose Sora...ha ha, check and mate...
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    not sure if new...BHK with Kingdom Key

    um...since when is Namine the other side of Kairi's heart? mebe i should beat Reverse Rebirth again...
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    not sure if new...BHK with Kingdom Key

    Silver, i think u may be on to something... when u get the time and chance, explain him "living in a lie".
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    um...i think its bullet proof that everyone on this forum is gonna buy KH2...other wise...why are we here lol?
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    New Keyblade Theory

    Hm....i dont see how mickey could have phisicly created the Keyblades...but its a perfect thought on Why his head is at the bottem..."This Keychain Brings out the Keyblades true form and power" as said from the inventory... If saying Micky Created the Kingdom Key, how did he do it? Was it made...
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    Bhk Greatest Theroy Ever !!!!!!!

    LOL! too bad thats a question, not a Theory. Therory usually have evidence...u dont lol and Namine was never really on destiny islands...She made him think he was...but it was FALSE. Cuz she's an evil little witch that makes u think things..that arnt real.. Check and Mate...
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    Do you think BHK will remain nameless?

    it could be a possibility...but then wont his voice actor want credit at the end of the game :p But BHK is sure to have a name mebe...it would seem a little off...
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    not sure if new...BHK with Kingdom Key

    Like it says...i dont know how many, or if there were any theorys of why BHK has Soras Kingdom Key. So im gonna do it. Ok see this Picture Now why exactly does BHK have a kingdom Key? I though that since he was Twilight **ok not confirmed..but everyone thought it**, he had Oblivion And...
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    KH2 Title Screen

    some of us knew this already...but thanks anyway. I personally like the first title screen a little better. It was more thought provoking...
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    Blindfold unknown is...

    Well, u can think it'll be Kadaj, but it wont :p what i mean is, Since DD is quite an old Trailer, i dont think S-E had even thought of an ide of what Kadaj may look like *heck, i dont even think they were workin on FF7:AC lol* And u'll have to Read Nomoras Interveiw wheer he stated, "Final...
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    Um...what can i say... thanks for posting up the word lol. *though some were a little off* To ur theory on #2 Metamorphisis: Ok, think of the word metamorphisis...It means to change. So like mebe Sora and Mick did somthing to chage them selves *weather it be with-in, or out* So i guess, "in a...
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    The BHK might be,

    Oh god...another one... I REALLY hope KL dosnt read this... :P *sigh* Tetsuya Nomora Clearly stated that Final Fantasy Charecters WILL NOT have major roles in the games Main story. End Disscussion...lol
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    deep dive world

    ...... um... unless twilight Town some how magicly gets pointy towers and giant Tvs in the city by night, i doubt (highly...doubt) Twilight Town, is the DD world at night... Besides...Twilight Town Doesnt get Dark...thats why its called Twilight Town. Other Wise, we would Just call it Town...
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    which character do u hate the most

    well... I hate Riku for joining dark, and for being a weak minded boy. *I mean, how does some witch convince that sora is his enemy, and when sora trys to talk him back, his skull is as thick as...concret...* BHK, OMG, he is friggen tryin to steal soras place, i wont have it...*not that theres...
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    Twilight Town Hints In Deep Jungle !!!!!!

    event thouh its old, it still want to say yes its twilight town and NOT Hollow Bastion...some ppl just cant tell the difference
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    what would u do if u became a keyblade master

    come on guys...with a great power like the keyblade...u have to have some responsibility. 1. The heartless might have killed all ur friends 2.You will most likely never see certain friends again unless they fight 3.adjust to new worlds... 4.Think of which door to open (light dark, twilight..ect)...