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    Theory concerning a secret trophy

    There’s another trophy for beating the game, I’d imagine that’s the one for finishing the fight
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    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    See I recall differently. I remember after the hype died down people really started taking a critical look. FM did a lot to fix some of the issues, but it was largely inaccessible to most fans.
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    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I think there’s value in spoiler people having a place to talk. This is sort of a general thread
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    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Delusion can go either way. It’s nuts how many people have given up on a game they haven’t even played
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    It was meant to show that it wasn't Sora, Riku, or Mickey.
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    You know what ticked me off in kingdom hearts 2?

    2 behemoths 6 wyverns and 1000 KNIGHTS Nomura said in interviews that they nearly ended up removing the 1000 battle due to limitations.
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    Differing the BbS Video + An Idea

    I always thought he was talking about Ven
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    The leaked BBS video is taken down on U.S. Youtube! :*(

    I just downloaded it. It's not hard
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    Ask the KHinsider Staff: Birth by Sleep Trailer

    the original upload has been pulled for copyright violations.
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    The Nature of the Organization

    YouTube - *VOICES* KH2 Final Mix: The Plans (English Subs) what pleasant not-evil fellows
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    Roxas' Backpack

    Looks white with black straps in his room in the game
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    Xehanort's apprentice had a chain. But any thing's possible.
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    Sora's heartless weak?

    He also didn't have a lot of darkness in his heart
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    KH2 FM better or worse?

    It fixes most of the flaws that the original had
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    What is its name?

    The map of the area in KHII calls it The Castle that Never Was
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    Can anybody help me...

    All the text is in Japanese, and all of RE: CoM is in Japanese. But it's really not that hard to figure out at all if you've played either of the games.
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    Does Sora own more than one keyblade? -Theory-

    If they gave him a second keyblade then he would be able to use it all the time. It's manifested when he uses the drive powers.
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    Does Sora own more than one keyblade? -Theory-

    When Sora goes into a drive form he temporarily creates a second Keyblade using the keychains he has with the power of his friend's hearts. He isn't carrying multiple Keyblades, he is not using Roxas's Keyblades, and they are not created just out of his memories. Tifa doesn't hand Sora a...
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    what happend to roxas

    They were the same person. Roxas was just more pessimistic and had a better voice actor.
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    Heartless,Shadows and Nobodies Oh my!

    Darkside is just a heartless. The heartless were brought to Destiny Islands by Xehanort; if you'll remember he was hanging around in the secret place. A portal to Traverse Town didn't appear, Sora was just sucked into the corridor of darkness. Traverse is very close to the darkness and so...