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    What would you like to see in a KH1 HD remaster?

    The only thing I don't want, "KINGDOM HEARTS HD COLLECTION!" *japan buys* "NOW AMERICA!! WITH NEW KEYBLADE!" *America buys, japan cries* "OKAY. JAPAN. HD COLLECTION FINAL MIX THAT MUCH BETTER!" *Japan buys, America cries* I know good and well this will happen .-.
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    New Worlds?

    Toys, present wrap, Christmas Town from NB4C >_>
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    HD Remasters Development

    Good point about Team Silent being disbanded. And Edgar Rice Buroughs' Tarzan novels are public domain now. Meaning ANYONE can use the characters and distribute and publish the books at least believe.
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    HD Remasters Development

    Then why wouldn't SH see a release on 360? Though I do admit MGS and KH have bigger fanbases than SH, and a fanbase that's international as opposed to SH's mainly NA fanbase.
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    HD Remasters Development

    Well the Silent Hill Collection will be PS3 exclusive. So clearly Konami DOES see some issue with it, >_>
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    Is it worth it?

    Hmmm, after I get a job, with my first paycheck Im buying a cheap DS and this game, thanks for the help, I just didnt wanna buy another 358/2 Days, xD
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    Is it worth it?

    Ok, so I'm excited for the new game that BBS Final Mix hinted at and 3D, but, Re:coded looks cool, but is it really worth it? I know the story and everything that happens, so all Id be playing it for would be gameplay. Is it really worth it? It looks like a watered down KH1 with BBS's fighting...
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    KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep Novel Vol. 1 (Cover Revealed)

    Terra looks... oddly shaped...
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    Kingdom Hearts: Move

    that might actually make atlantica fun again! ... ah screw it nothing can make atlantica fun again... xD
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    Mysterious Figure theory (NOT Xehanort, NOT A Nobody, but my own idea for who it might be)

    My theory is simple, it's Ansem The Wise, why wouldn't he be intrested in observing the keyblade after discovering the secrets of the heart and such before his apprentices betrayed him?
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    Aqua and final question

    xD Ok, thanks, ^-^ and lmao, xDDDDDDD I need to put a seizure warning in it, :P xD
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    Aqua and final question

    Ok, so I beat Aqua's story and final story mode, but I leveled up aqua a few levels (Just one or two) in final, now I wanna beat it 100%, should I do my last episode file, or my aqua story file, if I want to 100% it in the trinity report, ... OH! And how do i start a new last episode file? Thanks!
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    Has any one posted scans from the artbook?

    I'd rather have stratagey guide links... *hint, ;D* Links anyone? >.> J/k, xD But no seriously, I want the guide and the artbook scans... <.<
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    KH and Comedy

    Idc what game, what situation, who's arround, Goofy, Axel/Lea, and the slapstick humor that made Disney what it is ALLWAYS makes me laugh,
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    What I wanna know is...

    Terra is an older stronger version of Riku
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    Question for Amazon Preorders

    Ah, it didn't... if you ordered it from amazon could you tell me how long you have to use it?
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    Question for Amazon Preorders

    Ah, ok, thanks, so do I have so long to use it or what? Or when can I use it?
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    Question for Amazon Preorders

    Ok, so we get $10 off a game of our choice after Birth By Sleep ships, but how do we get the promo code, and how long do we have to use it? I wanna use the promocode to preorder re:Coded, or buy Dissidia, (right now I only have Ratchet and Clank for my PSP,) So will the email it too me, or what...
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    what type of memory card do you use for Kingdom Hearts birth by sleep?

    I use my PSP for music, 200 songs takes about a gig, and Im gonna do the data install for Dissidia and BBS, and hopefully soon I can download Final Fantasy 7 and Silent Hill onto it, once I get some cash anyway, but yeah, I'm getting the game between monday and the 20th, (blame dumbass amazon...
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    Anyone who has ordered from Amazon..

    I ordered and it says it'll ship on the 13th... which is messed up, I better get the stickers! I used free shipping and it's been "getting ready for shipping" for 2 days now, .-.