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    How to lvl up limit form?

    it says it on the status pge of the limit form
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    I've got a question and I'm confused....

    thats a good assumption i do agree with wat ur sayin
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    If you can fix KH2, what changes would you make to the game?

    1)Fight all organization members in that room where fight saix and luxord 2)Saix finds his self and heart and become a party member of sora 3)Sora can choose through a huge gallery of awsome clothes to choose from 4)equip mickeys keyblade 5)roxas can become a party member some how 6)the truth...
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    The World of Atlantis in KH:BBS

    personaly i think atlantis or atlantica or whatever is gay becuz on kh2 all that sing and stuff nah not really and b4 any1 say anything no i cant sing but if there was action like in kh1 hel yea it would b kinda cool
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    Fate of The 14th..

    i think the 14th is aqua but i think she was like a total and got on everybody in organization nerves and xemnas probrably sent her out on mission knowing that she would died and she didnt realize until she actually was about to die while on the mission and out no where ven a.k.a roxas comes...