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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    Approximetly 2.5 What spell did sora first get from an olimpus coliseum match?
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    Kairie in KH2

    Seriously how do you post pictures?
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    Kairie in KH2

    I would but i dont know how to post pictures
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    If you were trapped on Destiny Islands what would you do?

    Id probably see if i could take on sora and riku together while getting kairi to fall in love with me.
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    During or after destiny Islands? Because if its after you first see her live and in person in hollow bastion
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    I know alot of people who sometimes can't find a certian keyblade so im making this to help these people out. If you know of a keyblade that is less common (Oblivian for instance) please post the name and how to get it.:D
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    I wrote this before i noticed the other entry; 6 years ago, 8 years old (if wrong just ignore my question) What pair do you fight in the 20th seed of the Hades cup?
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    What's Your favorite non-heartless boss

    Im going to find out the most popular boss in kh (mine is sephiroth)
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    What's Your favorite Keyblade

    Thx for all the replies so far but i would also like to hear favorites stat wise P.S. my is oblivian
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    Mulan's World

    thx anymore info would be great
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    beating sephiroth

    :mad:I CANT BEAT HIM:mad: Ive gone through the game five times and fought him every time at lvl 100. Is it the fact im using oblivian? should i use a different keyblade?
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    What's Your favorite Keyblade

    Ive decided to find out what keyblade is the best looking in the whole game. Replies are Encouraged
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    Steamboat Willie world?

    It's posible, Winnie the Pooh made into KH didn't he?
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    worlds that should be in kh2!

    I believe that Sword in the stone and black cauldron (YES!!!) are to be in this game. Atlantis and the Incredibles would be awesome but I dont think theyll be in this.
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    Mulan's World

    I know for a fact that mulans world (China) is in KH2 but i dont know Details. If someone could enlighten me I'd be thankful. :)