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    what would u call the BHK

    There are many ways at looking at this. 1. Is to look at him as a member of the org. which would mean that he would most likely have an 'x' in his name, the guy who suggested Nexus was a good idea and it makes sense. Some other names that would be cool with 'x' in them are Xainz, Xy or maybe...
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    theory on kh and kh2...dream

    I think that when he was talking at the KH intro, he was refering to the dreams he was having before, and then they came true *check the symbolism, youll find some pretty cool stuff* but it being all a dream would be a pretty cool concept, that all the worlds and people were in his mind and the...
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    Dream of Fayth

    Hey you guys are one sided, for all we know BHK is the REAL one and Sora is the shadow, it kinda makes sense to me because when Sora was fighting the heartless, most likely BHK was fighting the dawn, it's something to think about. -Insane Theory Girl
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    Do you know what would be really cool, if you could continue your game from KH on to KH2 so you get all your old keyblades, T_T do you know how bloody long it took me to get ultima weapon, I don't want to loose it. Kinda like in .Hack (for those who have played it know what I'm talking about)...
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    I dunno what this thread is even about, but hey thought I'd drop in. Ummmmm from what I know BHK is not a heartless, but there is a connection between the darkside and the white heartless BHK fights, don't know if that will help explain some things, just thought you people would like to know. If...
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    magic and summon theory

    Well if Lulu and Yuna (god I hate that women) are going to be in it, then it would seem logical that the summoner will teach summons and the black mage will teach magic, but do we really know if there will be summons and have Yuna and Lulu been confirmed? Maybe we have to fight them like Yuffie...
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    Did anyone else notice?

    They could be of the same character structure, its common among game developers to do that, when a previous character was made and they liked the way they turned out so they kinda changed it around and redeveloped it. Make sense? Come on you got to give these guys some credit... I feel their...
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    Connecting the dots

    What's that suppose to mean? And how do you know for sure that the BHK is Sora's replica? Where did you obtain this info? - Insane Theory Girl
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    Connecting the dots

    Since when was there not a connection between BHK and Sora, though it might not be right out there, if you put 2 and 2 together you get hippo. It just makes sense to me. But I do get your point with the shell thing for DiZ, but wasn't there something going around that the BHK was just a shell of...
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    Connecting the dots

    Hey there everybody, just thought I'd drop something on you people to think about. If this has already been talked about then please tell the location of this topic. Ok, now I dunno if any of you have seen the new KH2 trailer from E3 (most likely all of you so you can all relate), during the...
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    Offical RHG thread

    Its good to be back! Hahahaha nothing has changed since i left, and I'm glad. I'm with you Nemesis, I don't think RHG is Kairi, though there is some good evidence towards it, it's just a feeling. Dunno if this has already been stated or argued yet, but since Sora and BHK look alike and Riku...
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    Kh2 B4 Ff12?

    I'm with him, where did you get this info? -_- I hate it when people act like they have some sort of inside source or something, I haven't heard anything like that on any site, so keep your dumb rumors to your self. flamy flamy FLAME!!!!! ^__^
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    Offical RHG thread

    It seems like this subject is very divied and all i have to say is, until it is confirmed whether or not the RHG IS infact Kairi or not, everybody is entitled to their own oppinion. Hey I'm still debating on whats true or not, but theres not need to flame people because of what they think, we're...
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    Namine is the dual Keyblade wielder in Deep Dive!

    Re: Namine is the duel key blade welder in deep dive!!! The only confirmed 'girl' in the organization is Larxene, thats about it, it wouldn't make sense that namine would be the DWU, she can't weild a keyblade let alone 2 -_-, her arms would probably fall off or something. Plus there is only...
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    New Drive Mode and Nobodys?

    Ok well I think it does look quite similar, think about it, you weren't able to use a drive mode before, and now all of a sudden you meet the dawn/ dusk and you can. maybe the drive mode is powered by the energy the dawn/dusk give off, explaining the symbol. What I want to know is why when Sora...
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    Who are the characters with BHK?

    Re: Who Are they?!?!? I dunno whats with these kids, they might not look like tidus, wakka and sulfie, but they seem to fit the role of them in BHK story, one thing I want to know, is what are those weird ball thingys? materia? friendship beeds? candy?!!, I need some feed back here!
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    The Unknowns

    really? So he was the unkown at the beginning of the game where that fork in the road was, oh, ok, I didnt know, thanks for the clearification.
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    Offical RHG thread

    Ok well I seem to be very divided when it comes to whos right or wrong, both sides bring up valid points and I have taken them in to consideration. So with out further ado, I give my thought for both sides: Last time we ACTUALLY saw Kairi (face and everything), was when Sora dropped her...
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    The Unknowns

    I dunno i've been playing kh CoM for about 3 days and im already half way, it wont take long to beat, but owell. The only confirmed not to be in kh2 is Vixen for obvious reasons. but yes.
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    Kh2 B4 Ff12?

    Seeing as I am both a kh and a ff fan uber time, its hard to vote about which one should come out first, but to I think it would be best if kh2 came out first, because CoM is barely something to keep us entertained, its very easy to beat, I've been playing it for 3 days and im already at hollow...