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    What KH1 had that KH2 didn't.

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned: I felt like Kingdom Hearts 1 had A LOT more of a sense of exploration than its successor. If you travel around in various KH1 worlds, you notice several places in certain areas. I mean, I couldn't have been the only one who really wanted to reach the...
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    Kingdom hearts HD remake?!?!?

    Disney seems really interested in making more Kingdom Hearts games. Maybe once the PS2 Lifecycle is over (Its almost dead), they will consider re-releasing a PS2 Game Boxset for PS3 so that new fans can keep up with the complex continuity established by KH1, CoM, and KH2. I want a Kingdom...
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    what are the unversed?

    If Unversed are just Negative Emotions, then why aren't anymore around?
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    Why Did Xemnas Want A Heart?

    Yeah, Xemnas never wanted a heart. Xemnas agreed that the only good facets of a heart were the ability to feel hatred and rage, but he was above that and embraced nothingness. However, the other members of Organization XIII desperately wanted hearts to feel the emptiness they felt that they...
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    Castle Oblivion

    The Chamber of Awakening is there. In 358/2 Days, Xemnas is looking for it, presumably to find Ven's armor. The room that Xemnas goes to below the Heartless Manufacture is the Room of Repose and Aqua's armor is down there, so I can only assume he's looking for Ven's armor, since Ven woke up in a...
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    Who is Vanitas?

    I have a feeling that Vantias will be a character that we don't even know, or a character that we haven't met yet within the KH timeline and will meet during KHBBS or in a future game. Personally, I only think all the likenesses are being given to Riku and Vantias because they want to show the...
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    Birth by Sleep Remake

    I wish they remade BBS for the P3P. I can only imagine how awesome the opening and ending FMV's look on a 1080p.
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    Saix's somebody...?

    I've always been fond of the name Ais.
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    That because there is no WiFi on Kingdom Hearts, only Wireless Connection. You can only play with people locally. So find friends. I already played it with 3 other friends. 4 player wins!
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    Favorite Confirmed World in BBS

    I chose Deep Space, It looks cool, Gantu is one of my favorite Disney Villains, and it opens the door for future Lilo and Stitch worlds in KH3. Didn't you leave Olympus Coliseum off the list?
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    What exactly was Roxas doing during Kingdom Hearts II?

    Roxas was merged together with Sora when he encountered Sora's digital incarnation at the end of Roxas' day 6. Roxas tested Sora when he reached Memory's Skyscraper just like Riku tested him.
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    An almost confirmation from the TGS 09 Trailer

    We'll know for sure if we see Ienzo or Braig. They are both confirmed to appear in this game, so its simply a matter of time. Unfortunately, they probably won't appear in a Magazine Scan, since the apprentice's roles appear to be cameos.
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    Kairi/Xion's Voice

    I can understand if Hayden is too busy being famous to do a role is a NDS game. But, what about Brittany Snow? She was in like ONE thing I know about besides this. Christopher Lee can do this, but not Snow?
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    Larxene Great Character Horrible Person

    In my opinion Larxene was a horrible character and a horrible person. She's a bitch, which I'm sure has been established since I haven't read this thread. She has the least fleshing out of any of the members except Lexaeus. And she's not a good character to play as. She has nothing going for her...
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    WTF Axel's name?

    I think "Lea", pronounce "Lee" was the best choice. I think that their new names shouldn't start with the same letter as their old name. I can picture it now... Xemnas: It's time to name you, No. XIII Roxas: OK. Xemnas: Hmmmm. I like Sorax. And for the record, "Ael" is an actual name. And...
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    The "ultra-hard" Leech Grave?

    The Leech Grave is probably the hardest boss in the game. It took me two tries to beat it. At first, I tried to come up with a gimmicky way to kill it like taking out legs or the tentacles, but it's a lot easier by just smacking the heck out of the body and using a few Hi-Potions.
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    358?2 Days Opening

    It didn't watch the videos on the top screen, I was more interested in the bottom screen during the opening. It had a brief description of them that ONCE AND FOR ALL confirmed the elements they control and the name of the weapons they wield. Also, each Organization member's background is a...
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    Character Multiplayer Choice

    I gave Roxas a little boost because he can Dual-Wield. If he couldn't, I would have put him beneath Axel.
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    (spoilers) Lea, saix, and braig in BBS

    If it was up to me, Saix WOULD be in BBS, as the first test subject of the 6 apprentices.
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    Character Multiplayer Choice

    Here's my personal tier list on how usable the characters are in multiplayer. Higher on the list, the better they are in my opinion. The only one I haven't unlocked is Sora, so I'll leave him out for fairness. Lexaeus Roxas Axel Xion Saix Riku Vexen King Mickey Zexion Goofy Luxord Xaldin...