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    Wtf exactly is kingdom hearts?!

    does it grant a heartless person or nobody unlimited power or is it just eye candy in the sky?
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    ... Twilight Thorn?...

    what heh i never noticed that ives alway wondered who would win between twighlight thorn and darkside....
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    Re:CoM or CoM?

    Re: CoM:re? or the original i personaly like the card battle system because all before pressing x all day gets repetative and dull besides it makes u think only a half dead monkey and even then that game isnt that hard the one on gba was more challeging in my opion damn i spelled that wrong lol
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    Closing threads

    I was wondering why close threads i recently made one and a mod closed it down and it pissed me off! im new so i dont know all the forum rules but i do know most of the Khinsider community is full of @$$holes...
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    Deep Jungle

    i just thought it was because since clayton died there where no other bad guys to fight unless they make up some lame idea to bring him back as a heartless...
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    Did anyone notice this???

    huh never noticed that before anyone have any proof it might be a coincidence
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    Kh2 drive forms

    Heh i know most people think it sucks but my favorite is the wisdom form i just wanted to know what are u guys favorite or most used forms...
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    Sora Riku and Kairi

    i have a question thats been bugging me for years I wanna know what happen to the parents and why its just kids on Destiny island i mean they had to have parents right i mean they were born and are they gonna introducethere parents in the upcoming games?:confused:
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    Must read nobodys vs The Heartless

    in a war between the two who would win?:confused: