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    i but odd but KH2 related....

    it might be a cool world..but something tells me it wont be.
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    this one makes you think!!!!!!

    i can hardly see the picture man..
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    A challenge for .:KL:.

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    magic and summon theory

    yeah uh something sounds off about that..
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    Dream of Fayth

    i understand..but i don't think that'll happen.
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    Stuff you might not of known about Kingdom Hearts(or U might know!)

    thats so cool ^_^ thanks a lot dude some of that i didn't know.
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    I found a kh2 gameclip...

    well dammit it wouldn't work for me and i wanted to hear sora ;_;
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    man i wanna answer something ;_; oh well,cool trivia people ^_^
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    KH2 cast update

    when i checked out imdb they showed sora,and all the main characters cast.it seems everyone is the original person.
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    Furry Sora?

    omg if that happened...i would cry thats too dumb.
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    e3 trailer

    never saw the damn thing..
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    Square isn't talking...

    i'm very psised at the moment -.-.
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    hey dude it's no big,you can just tell its fake because-wheres sora?
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    A Lil KH2 Low Down On the Floor Of E3

    wow..i liked that thank you ^_^
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    E3 Saves the Best for Last

    TODAY PEOPLE TODAY WHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my dad wanted to take me to work with him today but hes letting me stay home so i can see it ^_^
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    Mickey's Train

    i haven't seen the trailer because it doesn't work ;_;.
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    New scans 5/20

    AHHHHHHHH now i know what jack sparrow looks like..i'm so happy.
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    *Hands-On Review!*

    cool,the buttons stayed the same thats pretty good.
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    E3 Saves the Best for Last

    don't they replay it at night though?so you didn't need to cancel your doctor appointment..unless its late or something.
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    E3 Saves the Best for Last

    i just watched that too,i'm really excited ^_^