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    what would you do if.......

    what would you do if a really hot girl/ boy fell from the sky only to reveal she/ he is reallly an alien(go figure) who loves you!!!!!!! and has invited you to come to his/her planet to live happily till you die.... what would you do?!?!?!
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    Should they change the drive for Final Mix?

    makes it too easy what they should do is make the drive more useable in boss fights like no boss fight but 2 accualy made the drive useable
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    The "New Rumor" More likley for kh2:fm

    i think it'll come out to the U.S
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    why a final mix??

    c'mon people........why do they keep makeing these final mixes why can't they just put everything in on the FIRST ONE!!!! THERE ARE BETTER WAYS TO MAKE MONEY SQUARE ENIX!!!!!!!!
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    G-Phoria 2006 - Kingdom Hearts II Hanging on

    how did it win voice acting?????? its the end of the world
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    should i buy Burnout 3 takedown or Burnout Revenge

    my friend and i want a burnout game but we can't decide which or should i just get flatout 2 which is the best??
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    Easy Way to Defeat Xaldin

    this is a very usefull thread thanks for posting it
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    hey....is this...

    it IS in the game who said it? i dunno but my guess is namine and the theme of that sentence makes me think of COM
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    the hell?

    ...............heh heh nice title for a thread
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    Hey I just noticed something.Might not be important but....

    ............well it wouldn't be unheard of.......it might be true
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    funny and cool.....videos of kh2

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=v4hAilm1tZw this one's a little long and sucks at someparts but is soooo funny in others http://youtube.com/watch?v=7JA37S9wnHE&mode=related&search= NOW THIS ONE IS NOT FUNNY IT IS JUST SO COOL!!!!!!! http://youtube.com/watch?v=3ugri2Fcnvs yeah post...
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    What happens?

    jim carrey can play sora..............................
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    what's your favorite anime studio?

    me? i like gainax (FLCL) (Evangelion) that or bones (cowboy bebop) (full metal alchemist)
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    King Mickey can not be summouned!I am ending this!

    yeah it'd be cool if you could though
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    what does OVA mean??

    please don't kill me i've been an otaku for years and though it may be strang i have no idea what an OVA is could someone please explain
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    The Chasers. I think I know what they are.

    im still holding to the theory of the chasers being the creators of the KB
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    valor final oathkeeper ..........................................
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    heh heh true so true...........................
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    kh2 secret

    yeah this game has been out for 5 months if you include march along with the fact the guide book said so so if you didn't figure it out on your own the book would have told you. in short pretty much all of us already knew this (no offense)
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    Roxas is more pure and lighter than Sora

    nope you are so damn wrong its not even funny