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    Fanfiction ► My Poems

    Hey, cool! I wish i could write like that. BTW, remeber me?
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    i am leaving

    The reason i'm leaving is beacause you guys are WAY to harsh, mean, rude, immature, and uncivilized. I don't mean ALL of you :unsure: ~kingdomheartsjak P.S., GOOD-BYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE
  3. K

    Who made this?

    Here's how i found this: i was picture-searching "kingdomheartsjak" and this came up. What gives? P.s., If noone ever knows where it came from, its mine. ~kingdomheartsjak
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    How Much Would You Pay?

    As if, I would pay under $60.00....I have a lot in my savings account.
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    Kirby AIr Ride Action Replay

    does anyone here know any action replay codes for kibry air ride? It you do, please post. :toungesmile:
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    Fanfiction ► Who would you say is the best Fan Fic writer here?

    *sigh* not me.... and im sure everyone else knows that...
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    the difrence between a ds and ds lite???

    W H A T I S T H E D I F F R E N C E ? ?
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    the war of handheld items....

    DS BY FAR!!!!!!!!!! :laugh:
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    does anyone here have kh fm?

    i do. i bought it off ebay. it's not japanese. it has japenese subtitles dubbed in english words. it is awesome!!!!story and everything!!!!!!!!! Do any of you have it? :lol: CELEBRAITION OF ONE-HUNDRED POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!
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    How do i register animalxing.com????

    Title. PLEASE TELL ME!!!!-_-
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    a glitch i found....

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=VGn2gFGvVZs Look at this and you'll be walking in air and in places that you normally could'nt!!!! and if you jump high enough, you'll be in this BLACK...place!!!!! fall off and it skydiving lessons.
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    Noruma's E-Mail?

    DOES ANYONE KNOW IT????? If you do, tell me it. If you don't, ask everyone you've met on the forums for it. The reason I want it, so he can make a ds game....:rolleyes:
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    AIM names

    is there anyone that has an AIM name and their age is 9-14? if u do please post. PS game4brain123 is mine.
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    sweept pic!

    u can see through the "x"??
  15. K

    sweept pic!

    http://kh2.co.uk/?kh2=Artworkthe link is for just incase it looks like a "x". (*sweet pic!) its like kh2 final mix or somethin.
  16. K

    Mickey vs Sephiroth

    yah. i saw one on youtube. i cant find a link though.
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    Fanfiction ► Destiny Islands

    ive officially had it... no ppl r responding. This thread is closed. u can open it up if u want 2.(like i can ever say that...;_;)
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    Fanfiction ► Destiny Islands

    please, i hate 2 b a double poster but.....YOU PEOPLE HAVE NO TASTE!!!! u have no idea how hard it is to be a non-existant these days...;_; no replies... no views... u people have no feelings...T_T
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    Fanfiction ► Destiny Islands

    Chapter 1 Chain of Memory loss As you may know,Sora and Co. had an exausting adventure. So, they decieded to be lazy. -- When I said "they", I meant Sora........... Let's skip ahead to the story..... -------------------------------------------------------- It was a nice day on Destiny...
  20. K

    the reason you broke your DS...

    i didn't break my DS, so i picked no. 8.-_- :mellow: