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    Continious Attack notify pop ups >_<#

    Hello, there. I have a problem. Every 5 seconds or so I get a pop up that says an attack on my machine has been blocked. Norton says the risk name is "HTTP LOP Toolbar Activity." It's attacking my "YOUR-4DACD0EA75" which i think its the video. I've been trying soo many things like: "Spybot"...
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    i was wondering if anyone knows the Manga called..... Vampire Knight I think its an awesome manga even though i only have the first volume and it just started this year. its a shojo manga. Its about: an Academy has two groups of students: the Day Class and the Night Class. At...
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    Thinking of you

    I found this and i was quite interested by this and so i thought i would post this and get other responses and opinions to this. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is he (or she) thinking of me...
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    Criss Angel

    Have any of you ppls watch Criss Angel: Mindfreak? Well its a awesome show where Criss Angel does amazing illusions, stunts and performance. its amazing to watch. o_o and plus he's really sexy and hott :D :P His name is really awesome too What do you think about the Show and/ or Criss...
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    sora or riku?

    I prefer Riku's becuase you ACTUALLY GET to BE RIKU!! annd you guys all know that we have to control Sora around so.. of course ppl have thought.. whats happening with Riku when Sora is doing his own adventure. So when i figure out you get to play Riku in KH:CoM, i was so happy and when i was...
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    Sexiest/ Hottest Anime GUY

    Thats right.... what about the guys? I dont really have faves of anime girls..but the Guys are hott and are my fave :D Syaoran from Tsubasa, but also younger version of him in Cardcaptor Sakura too. Hes also known as Li Showron, if for some reason you didnt know his name in the japanese...
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    have you heard of Sukisho?

    Well that the question for you ppls? If you have, well great, did you like it? when you were watching it. Sukisho is shorten for Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai. Its about this Blue haird boy named Sora (YEAH..SORA!!) that has mysteriously fallen from a 3rd floor window and through out...
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    Favourite Song/ Artist (Band)

    Well as it explains, what is YOUR favoutrite song (in the whole world) and who is the Artist or Band that sang it? Mine: Many thing from Marilyn Manson and Fall Out Boy but fave in the whole world from those 2 artist is: Wormboy - Marilyn Manson Short, Fast and Loud - Fall Out Boy :thumbsup:
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    Who's hair is better?

    i say it would be........... ROXAS!!!!!!!!!!! YES ROXAS!!!!
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    Kingdom Hearts & Final Fatasy 8

    K i was wondering if some of u ppls could help me on an assignment here. i was wonering if u could put ur fav. pic of KH/2 and FF8 like anything Eg. Characters, locations, bad dudes, profiles, japanese charaters Post it please
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    DN Angel

    DN Angel is the most BEST manga book i EVER read it's so KAWAII (cute) i love reading it but i only got to the 4th book ..but i can't wait to get more though Daisuke and Riku r so cute togther i could tell that she liked him in the very 1st book and omg i can't beileve how flirtatious of Dark...
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    Elijah Wood...he's Hella

    I LOVE Elijah wood.... i started to like him when he went on LotR (Lord o fthe Rings)...Frodo ..is so adorable i've seen most of his movies and there really awsome w/ him in it there was a boy in my school that looked like him and i had the bigest crushed...but that al total different...
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    50 cent.........*runs Off*

    EWWWWWWWWW ..50 cent is the WORST rapper i ever heard .. he can't sing ...he's been SHOT 9 times but never died (said he had a bullet vest) he's soo DAMN ass scary ...he gives me NIGHTMARES .. i don't know HOW ppl can like his music. He's music is so ANNOYING >_> i'll NEVER EVER see myself...
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    Fanfiction ► Master Icy's KH fan fic

    sounds like ...i guess I'll try .. HEY why not im not doing anything fun ..around this ..so im doing it ^_^
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    Fanfiction ► Master Icy's KH fan fic

    ok????????? i do NOT know what ur talkin about?
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    SP has Returned!!!!!!!!!

    ong this is such a wonderful day 4 me...my love had RETURNED!!!!!!!! 2day i was looking at the profiles and i saw that he was logged on at 4 30 around there and i was so happy and i can't beilieve my own eyes !!!!!!!:eek: but the only thing is that i didn't get to talk to him:( so tyhat was a...
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    is it true love?

    i have found the perfect guy but the only thing is that he has not been on for 3 months:( (just because he got grounded) well anyways the ppl who know me say that must come to see u and he'll return to u and u just have to wait a bit longer (but i can't wait anymore, im just really depressed...