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    I made sea salt ice-cream =D

    so does this mean you CAN make it properly without an icecream maker? =D *would be veery happy to know if i dont have to go out and spend money*
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    Secret ending, plz don't get mad at me..

    ya.....they have PowerRangers merchandise at the DisneyStore, right next to their huge mountain of stuffed animals.....its weird.
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    Disney 411!

    yes.....*wants to smack some of the female VAs (Brittany and Hayden) for not knowing ANYTHING about what they're doing* or maybe its cause they're blonde.....hmmmmmmmmm *runs*
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Deleted Scenes?!???

    it probably wasnt possible to put in different types of heartless...I'm sure they tried
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    The Good Old Days

    =[ if only we had new stuff other then the secret ending to keep us busy wondering about KH3
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    One Final Look at Deep Dive

    the secret ending to the first game but the final mix version.....
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    very saddened... kh2 was great but short

    i think its cause KH2 is that much a better game....you can't put it down for long breaks =o.....I'm let down too that I didnt even have it for two weeks and beat it on proud (after getting to the final world on standard and starting over) When I was playing KH I wasn't as eager to see the...
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    Missing treasure from land of dragons!!!

    those are tricky to find XD..its in the throne room though.....kinda next to th emperor by the steps hidden
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    Orginazation XIII should be......

    dont be so hard on the guy =[...Organization members have hard names to remember >.> especially if you hardly see them.....like....Luxord (I only know his name cause I struggled against him><)
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    Disney 411!

    lol Brittany Snow "the game is about this character named ROXAS who goes through these adventures and goes to different lands (sumfin like that) etc etc." *feels like strangling her* VAs should at least know SOMETHING about the story >.> and Jesse called Donald, Daffy for a second >.> at least...
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    Does anyone feel sorry for Riku?

    these characters arent real anyways ><.....and coupling everyone up makes it tacky and lame Dx.....(remembers hearing complaints about the coupling in every Disney world)
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    Orginazation XIII should be......

    ya...i really...wanted to see a non pixely...Zexion.....that isnt just a journal entry ><
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    Hardest Boss in the World that Never Was.

    wow @_@ i'm surprised not many people voted for Luxord.....he was the only boss I died to...
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    Goddess of Fate Mission

    how do you get double score o_O'
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    How do I trigger the switches in Agraba?

    for the fire one.....move in the centre of it and cast fire when its red.....for the blizzard one.....move a bit far away from it and when all the things are blue cast blizzard...and the thunder one...when its all yellow cast thunder =o
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    Bulky Vendor

    anyone know all the possible items they could drop?
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    If u have a stradegy guide post all typos u see

    o.x.....wtf? head to his ass?
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    Final Form?

    i have yet to obtain it ><.....i gained.....13 levels driving just trying to get it Dx.....*stabs something* i got anti form instead too ><
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    1,000 Heartless War!

    but then it wouldnt look as cool =[ i remember my KH game lagging before when there were too many on the map >.>
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    KH2 is good. ...but only the jap. version.

    a lot of the characters who speak are Disney ones anyway >.>...and they're originally...supposed...to sound they way they do in the NA game...most at least...for example.....a Japanese speaking Goofy...is really.....strange @_@