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    Noticed something in the secret ending

    if you look at the secret ending from KH2 final mix watch for the part where Terra is fighting with MX right after MX freezes his arm, if you look at MX's keyblade...it has a chain on it i dont know if anyone noticed it but i thought most of their blades didnt have chains
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    Soulless or whatever dont exist

    ok so i always see people on the forums talking about the new creature being soul-less', but they arent real. i know this for a fact because in KH2 in one of the ansem reports(i dont know what one) that the heart becomes heartless and the body AND soul go into the creation of a nobody, so there...
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    DKSigma3713 Event features Demo of BBS (My thought)

    im betting the demo will be showing you how the game works and how to use the character. characters playable wise, it will probably be Terra because he has had the most revealed about him
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    Soul, help nedeed

    mabye the mind will be the next enemy...and mabye the soul wont have a part and mabye the soul also helsd memories, causing nobodies to remember
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    Final Boss on Proud mode

    thx all and i beat him at 50 with oblivion mabye i will try it blindfolded lol
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    Final Boss on Proud mode

    ya it was final xemnas and mabye i will try a lower lvl...i betcha FM+ would be harder on critical mode but no US
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    Final Boss on Proud mode

    k well i fought him a couple hours ago on proud and u know what...it wasnt hard i dont feel proud
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    new KH games bosses

    i dont know if this has been done before but i was just thinking about bosses for the new games and i figure others have to so say what bosses you would like to seeif you want ps: when i said boxes i meant bosses sorry!
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    I just noticed somthing about ven

    look at the picture of ven standing on the beach...he has the exact same armband that roxas has in KH2...mabye thats another clue about there connection. thats just my perspective though post your own opinion about it
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    team johnnycake rules

    who else thinks that team johnnycake and the kh2 spoofs rule...post here and show your opinion
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    Fanfiction ► Forgotten Times

    Chapter 2 this chapter will be bigger as you suggested so keep reading. The man was unknown by everyone but leon. He was the man that made leon change his name because he was the one that destroyed his world. This man was only known by one name, Tikero the Dark. Leon charged, and so the boys...
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    Fanfiction ► Forgotten Times

    thx for the tips...chapter 2 and mabye three will be up tommorow
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    Fanfiction ► Forgotten Times

    k thx guys, this is gonna help, read the next chapters and ill make fixes to this one now
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    Fanfiction ► Forgotten Times

    post comments and suggestions if you want
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    Fanfiction ► Forgotten Times

    okay, this story is the story of brothers who all can use the keyblade and there is a mysterious man in town that leon finds suspicious. the boys are being trained and so that is why they needed leon. Chapter 1 It was a cool morning in hollow bastion when the three brothers, Carn, the oldest...
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    The Rules of The Keyblade Bearers and Masters, possibly shown in BBS?

    mabye the rules were different then