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    Riku Playable?

    it would be kool if they had it as a extra or something like at the end of the game.
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    Reverse rebirth easy

    Agree with you
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    DD/ASAS Are thsoe sceenes gonna be in KH2?

    I dont think so because they wouldnt show us the same stuff over again but u never know. The viedos were preatty sweet. it would be cool if they did. :)
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    probably the new keyblades that are going to be in KH2. didnt really like the ones in KH execpt the Ultimita Keyblade.
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    Got a Theroy

    I am sry if someone already said this but, in KH 1 in Traverse Town in the first Distract the dude in standing next to the mail were u turn in the postcards, dosent he look like the BHK. i mean if u go up to him and press SELECT and look at hes face u kinda see a resemblens. What do u think
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    Finally I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Finaly i did it. IT took me a while but i did it in Kingdom Hearts. I got the Dream Rod and the Dream shield . Man it seemed like it took me forver. those white mushrooms but up a big fight but now thats over. anyways just wanted to lets u guys know and i am so exsited when KH 2 comes out ...
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    Sup everybody

    Test test 123 just seeing if i can post