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    Passion adaptations?

    I prefer that song way better than Simple and Clean, I just listened tot he song about 7 times in a row and I still love it ^_^
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    December 22

    Yes....oh.. and I don't like spoilers either.
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    December 22

    It's confidential * get's his sunglasses takes out his gadget the one from Men In Black that erases memories and does it on SK * you were going out with a mokey called Lulu, she left you for a piece of cracker. U like to play domino's on weekends and hate peanut butter.
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    December 22

    I heard from a relient source ( not telling who ) that it was going to come out Feb. 11 06 in the U.S.
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    Defending Kindgom Hearts 2

    Pedro Fernandez is a great name XD
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    Defending Kindgom Hearts 2

    I only read like 7 paragraphs till' I got tired *scratches head, but from what I read I think that people that say "mean" things about KH2 aren't really fans. It seems that KH2 will be an awesome/original game and I don't think anyone should say otherwise.
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    Kairi and Aeris
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    If someone Died!!!

    I would unless Sora, Riku, and Kairi died then i would probably not play the game anymore
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    Favorite Organization Member

    Well he has a big nose and a big chin.
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    Favorite Organization Member

    unm.... Axel, Marluxia, and Zexion, Vexen sucks!!
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    What part of KH did you enjoy playing the most?

    when i fought in the Games in the Colusseum, beating the hell out of Ansem
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    Saddest part of KH

    When Riku stays behind when he closes the door, Kairi drawing a paupu fruit toward Sora, hthe rest of the end. when i finished the game too, couldn't get over that for a week
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    Bhk Playable

    So is it like Goofy and Donald, that u can make him part of ur party or just some places where u can use him?
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    When will they have a playable demo of KH2?

    I want the KH2 demo, and i want it now!!!
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    Your feelings about KH

    Well its 1 of a kind, but it does involve a couple or characters from the FF series, but its not like FF
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    Do you like Ansem in kh?

    Its ok i guess < <, but i didn't like his hair color, he seems a bit too old.
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    2nd disk 2 kh2

    I think the 2nd disc would be playable and not a movie like the game Star Ocean that's really long
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    The king's role in KH2.....evil????

    I don't think there's even a chance of King Mickey beign, just think about it Mickey Mouse evil?
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    Do you think Squall could take Ansem?

    maybe he could, but not at his current level
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    Quote Room v2.0

    Faded memories Reconnected memories And a dream - A dream of you In a world without you ( after credits )