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    ultima, ruby, or emerald wep.

    If they did put a weapon in it, which I highly doubt, they wouldn't just put one. It would probably be Ruby and Emerald, considering that Ultima Weapon is the name of Sora's Ultimate Weapon- then again, defeating 'Ultima Weapon' could yield the Ultima Keyblade, which is a situation that could...
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    Ideas for magic (i.e. light, dark, twilight)

    Demi is already taken, isn't it? Gravity is a percentage-based attack with a similar animation, no? Anyway, I don't think we'll be seeing these spells, but if they did show up, they would more than likely be named Holy, Meteor or Darkness(or even Dark Holy after the FFTactics spell), and...
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    3 secret keyblades!

    When I read this I thought I was going to burst out laughing. First of all, Square made the game, so when they create the guide, they'll know what was in the game to find. Secondly, the guide states that it lists every item, monster, etc. If it didn't, they could possibly get a lawsuit over a...
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    hey... i got it!

    I like the idea, and you could be right about it. Disney has it's history of hiding meanings within their products(stories, characters, etc)
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    Do You THink KH2 is going to be a double disc?

    I think that it will be two discs, but that doesn't exactly mean twice as long. They would be two single layer discs, which means the equivilant of one dual layered disc. This just ensures that we won't have any problems playing it, and more space, but not 2x..
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    How does Final mix fit in?

    It has a few more details, but chances are, you won't get much more information from it, unless you couldn't close these very small gaps yourself.