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  1. Yuna97

    Famitsu Pictures based on Nomura Interview + Summons Pics

    Thanks for the pics!! I'm going to kill myself waiting for this game to come out!
  2. Yuna97

    who still wants jesse mccartney to be ven?

    99.9% of the people who know what's going on in BbS would be thinking 'WTF did they do to his VOICE!?' if Jesse Mccartney didn't play Ven (I think I'm over exaggerating). And in 358/2 days... the whole time Roxas was talking in the beginning, I thought he was sick. I was waiting for him to cough...
  3. Yuna97

    Kingdom hearts is light?

    I thought it was the heart of all hearts so it had to be balanced...? (ya know...just add 'of' in the middle of 'Kingdom Hearts' )...Makes sense to me...
  4. Yuna97

    Terra - Xehenort

    Could someone plz tell me how 2 make a thread...
  5. Yuna97

    Everything We Know About XIV/Xion So Far

    Xion has2 be Aqua because Nomura says Aqua's attacks are magic based.and i herd that Xion's attacks were 2.