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    KH Fan sketch :3

    So yeah, I drew this for xx Kairi xx and just wanted to know what you guys thought of it :lol: It's of Riku, Axel and Sora. The picture's a bt grainy and the scanner ate some details but still ... I'm pleased with the result! For more info please click here -> Kingdom Hearts Fan Sketch...
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    I can't get i right

    So, I had another go at trying to do focal points an everything but I still don't think I got it right :/ But yeah, I like these ones still (and yeah, I feel like if try to do something other than Pokemon I will completely **** up ...). Anyway, C'n'C please on these two please :) 1) 2)
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    An Attempt ...

    So yeah. I'm not so good at the whole sig-making ... I thought that I would give it another try though because I like doing it :) So yeah, C'n'C please on these three - also if there was anything I should put in or take out please let me know :) For the Ninetails one I just basically changed the...
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    I'm not too sure if this is in the right section-thing - sorry if i is ... I was also trying to find a thread like this so another apology if there was already one ... Anyhoo, some peoples names seem to be a different colour and I realise there is a ranking system on the number of posts you...
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    Anybody like the films?? Which is your favourite?? Discuss here!! :lol: Personally I love Aliens (2nd one) because it's so awesome ... I watched the 3rd one last night and it made me cry lol ^_^
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    Another attempt... O_o

    My second attempt at a sig XD I know it isn't that good but C'n'C please all the same :D I also couldn't come up with a little quote thing so if any one has anything better it would be appreciated :)
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    Couldn't find a thread for them so... What is there next album gonna be like? Do you prefer Tarja or Annette? < :36: