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  1. Aqua D.Light

    Help/Support ► My school board hates me I swear :P

    Okay well at school today, I got my phone tooken away. (boohoo) Correction, my best friend got MY phone tooken away. (boohoohoo) But I'm not really mad about the phone tooken away part :P This story is kinda long sooo, read at your own risk Well my best friend had been sick all day, and when...
  2. Aqua D.Light

    Why does everyone think days was such a bad game?

    I liked Days story, not so much the gameplay. The missions were a bit tedious :\
  3. Aqua D.Light

    List your BBS screw ups, or moments of pure blank mindedness.

    me too:o Also, when you had to get in that circle thingy with the other 3 fairies and press the buttons I kept missing it every SINGLE TIME Dx
  4. Aqua D.Light

    Help/Support ► Okay, so...`

    omg :o Well yeah anyways...if you're bi-curious then go for it, flirt with the next guy you see. Okay well don't do thaaaat O.o
  5. Aqua D.Light

    ESRB Rating & Summary

    ^ Yeah I figured, so if E+10 had existed before KH1 and COM they probably would've been rated that too.
  6. Aqua D.Light

    Birth By Sleep's most nostalgic moments

    I never liked Saix, then I met Isa. Wow, what happened there.
  7. Aqua D.Light

    ESRB Rating & Summary

    The last couple of games have been E+10, so I was kinda expecting this one to aswell. The only ones that were just rated E were KH1 and COM?
  8. Aqua D.Light

    Birth By Sleep's most nostalgic moments

    The ice-cream songs, Disney worlds, seeing Sora, Riku, and Kairi as kids.
  9. Aqua D.Light

    Six Famitsu Scans!

    xD It looks like he's enjoying it too O_o
  10. Aqua D.Light

    Help/Support ► No You Can't Go

    :o That sucks, I can't believe she would do that. At the last minute too, that's just low. I think you should just tell your mom to take ya. :)
  11. Aqua D.Light

    List your BBS screw ups, or moments of pure blank mindedness.

    While playing the game with some friends, I 'realized' that Aqua had blue hair. xD When I was playing as Terra, I thought the game was lagging cause he ran so effing slow. lol
  12. Aqua D.Light

    Help/Support ► Issue with a friend...

    Haha actually it was because of the Days cover that they thought it was a Devil's game because everyone was wearing black O_o Her parents are just.....crazy from what I've heard from other friends. Yeah, she most definitley is.
  13. Aqua D.Light

    Question, err Clarification

    Yeah, I think that's right :)
  14. Aqua D.Light

    Which character are you best with?

    Aqua for me, it was just much easier to dodge and block with her. Plus I like using magic :)
  15. Aqua D.Light


    Looks like a giant chakram xD
  16. Aqua D.Light

    Help/Support ► Issue with a friend...

    Haha yeah that's what my mom said about it too xD
  17. Aqua D.Light

    Help/Support ► Issue with a friend...

    Her parents are born-again Christians :P Anyways, thanks you guys for all your advice. :) I think it's a stupid situation aswell, but her parents are just taking such a petty thing to far. I'm just gonna ignore it from now on, because I know the school can't do anything to me, and I'm...
  18. Aqua D.Light

    Help/Support ► Issue with a friend...

    Nah it's a public school. I don't think they'll suspend me, but I don't want to deal with going to the office and having to defend myself.I just need my ex-friend to tell the truth, but she's too scared to.
  19. Aqua D.Light

    Mysterious Figure Has Nice Boots

    They're probably orphans or something.
  20. Aqua D.Light

    Help/Support ► Issue with a friend...

    Ok, well one of my (ex)friends has overly religous Christian parents. They barely let her sleepover at my house! (Only because we're backyard neighbours) So when she got to my house, she saw that I had the KH games and she told me that she liked them, but her parents thought it was a Devil...