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    Best Man For Larxene. Axel or Marluxia?

    Neither one are good enough for Larxene. She should be with me, then we can be evil together.
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    Minor or Major Issue

    Hiya, I'm Kira. MadienofViera here. Overlord (insert name), on the RPG part. I've been wondering something for a while. When I try to host something, either nobody says anything or something stupid happens and they can't do it. Do I have bad luck, does no one respect me here, or am I just...
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    Who will lose their way first?

    Do you think Riku will become evil full time, or will Sora lose his way from the light? Or even more shocking Kairi? My money's on Sora. He's too nice for his own good.
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    Playing with others

    I was wondering on Kingdom Hearts 3, do you think you'll be able to play with other characters like Kairi, Riku, King Mickey, and etc. I for one wish you could play with Kairi, but I want to know if there's anyone who think you should be able to play with other characters in general.
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    Odin Sphere: Amrageddon recreate

    Hell, my fellow KHI members. I'm Madien of Viera, currently Overlord Zenon on the KHI rp. Anyway, I'm hosting an Odin Sphere remake of the 6th book of the game, Armageddon. I need about seven people: three guys and four girls. I'm not so much as looking for people who beaten it, just people who...
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    Hosting an Odin Sphere Role Play

    I'm (or rather I want to) host an Odin Sphere remake of the end. If anyone's interested, please respond. If you haven't played it but still want to RP, then tell me and I'll post up some links about the game. I need about six people to do this. I'm looking for people who are up for doing it...
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    Sephiroth. Is he PWN'able!?

    He's pwnable. I beat him using Decisive Pumpkin around lvl 50-60. Hate it that you can't fight him multiple times.
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    New Scan: Malificent

    A dragon's tail you say? Hm... A little, can see how you can get it mistaken.
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    New Boss Fights

    44 seconds? Now that's impressive. No GameShark was used either? I should watch that.
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    Fanfiction ► Jesus of Suburbia

    Cool, can't tell if it's a Green Day bash or a tribute though... silly awesome either way.