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    Short theory..and simple

    Well this theory can easily be picked apart not much 2 it..But yea when the full version of the secret trailer was released i was convinced that it had happend in the past..but today i was thinking..one of the Knights pulled out the Riku's Way to Dawn keyblade...well yea if that keyblade...
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    Xeharnort .... is the ES ...???

    you kno what puck i think thats right
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    Xeharnort .... is the ES ...???

    hm idk..the lost two?..what are your t houghts..and mayb i can make something outta yours
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    Xeharnort .... is the ES ...???

    Dude basically now its basically people just makin theory's ..so we can only wait untill the next trailer is released..
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    Xeharnort .... is the ES ...???

    dude you can't predict that kind of stuff..wtf..now that just sounded stupid and really got on my edgy side..ok dude..1st off..we are not just dealing with SE..Noruma is involved..the creator of KH..not to forget..and Disney they over Exaggerate alot ..idc FF and KH are almost seperate games..FF...
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    Xeharnort .... is the ES ...???

    who knowes..but if it Xehanort this would have to happen in the past..xD..just because he got killed in kh2
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    Xeharnort .... is the ES ...???

    We kno he isn't so chill..but The trialers say the memory of Xehanort..so people can make theorys that he is in fact the ES..xD and if you look at his clothes they LOOK alot like Kh1's Ansem...xD and Ansem is Xehanorts heartless..xD..and the ES looks almost like Xehanort..so maybe the ES is the...
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    Xeharnort .... is the ES ...???

    Heartless can't weild keyblades can they..i dnt think they can..xD so nope..but hey darkness can change apperiance look at Star Wars
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    KH2FM+ Birth by Sleep and the KeyBlades

    hm a good theory.. mean they did break easily..xD i do believe that the E.S is Xehanort
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    Sora, Riku, and Kairi.

    Re: Sora, Rikku, and Kairi. xD everything in kh is worthwhile weither riku gets kairi or not
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    Sora, Riku, and Kairi.

    Re: Sora, Rikku, and Kairi. I believe RIku did have a crush on Kairi at some point of one of the 3 games..but i think he gave up on her because he realized or thinks he doesn't deserve her nemore..same thing that pwn3d said..Also i don't think gettin Kairi in Kh2 was on Riku's mind..i think he...
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    Who hopes for a Sephiroth battle?

    agrre with blksoul..xD and also i think that sephiroth will be in it..xD as again the hardest boss in the game
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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    TWILIGHT is for me
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    My new discovery!

    Well this is old..srry to bust ur bubble
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    Bhk Greatest Theroy Ever !!!!!!!

    Kaizer said it all..but isn't twilight town made of Sora and Riku's memory...anyway this is not a theory as said before its a question..Someone plz close the thread..not to be rude
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    kh2 characters

    Kairi..Yuffie...is ok..and elizibeth from Kh2..
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    Kingdom hearts is........

    I was reading the Kingdom Hearts is twilight..theory...then i came up with my own..What if Kingdom Hearts is present..It could be i mean..ansem thought it was dark..and Sora new with out doubt that it was light...but what if it is present...it can be all the powers..Dark,twilight, or light..
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    Is Riku as blind as we think?

    I think he is blindfolded because he doesn't need sight just he's sence of smell..or maybe he wore a blindfold to train himself in smelling better
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    IMDB Lists WILL TURNER and YUNA in KH2!

    Yea everybody before me pretty much said what i was about to say..thx guys..anywayz yea IMDB sux..sux and did i mention it SUX
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    any character missing

    tha makers of KH2 is square enix man..and i like the idea of having lilo and stitch experements scattered around the worlds like...the dolmations on kh1