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  1. TheKeybasHGirl

    After 13 years I finally understand one important thing about KH1! Spoilers!

    Mind Blowned. No really i didren't know that.
  2. TheKeybasHGirl

    Am I the only girl who thinks sora is the ugliest character ever

    Why like a game series if you think the main character is ugly? Seriously...
  3. TheKeybasHGirl

    HONEST TRAILER: Kingdom Hearts

    Don't get me started with that.:rolleyes:
  4. TheKeybasHGirl

    Mirage Figures

    Thanks a lot for the mental image...:frown:
  5. TheKeybasHGirl

    What got you into the Kingdom Hearts series?

    My Brother had the first game i remember watching him play but i wasen't really interested in the series. My sister got into the series in 2009 but i finally got into the series arround 2013. So i'm two years into the KH Series.
  6. TheKeybasHGirl

    Umm.....hello there people?

    Hi, i'm TheKeybasHGirl...i'm new arround here i hope people arround here are friendly and i want to be friendly with you.