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    Command System

    So, how do commands in this game work again? I heard you can't merge two old commands to make an old one...Can't find any info on this..Help!
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    My theories on the Red-Eyed Unknown

    I have two ideas: 1. Sora's inner darkness. In the scene where he appears, he pours out of Sora's containment bubble. 2. Vanitas. The novels mentioned that Vanitas had red eyes and was faceless before Ven's heart joined with Sora's.
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    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    Well, the part where Ven disappears from CO, and Sora vanishes..I think that could represent Ven being unified with his heart. That's the part that's causing a big stir.
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    New KHBBSFM NO heart boss scans

    In my opinion..I think this is MX's armor. It's what makes the most sense to me.
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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Well, from what I can tell, the MF boss theme sounds like Terra's theme in places..Maybe this is some form of Terra?
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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Well, I heard somewhere that this guy's music'd be a clue as to who he is..Anyone recognize bits from this theme?
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread As for who Jason Dohring is, he's played roles such as Josef Kostan in the TV series "Moonlight", Logan Echolls in "Veronica Mars", and some other bit roles. It's much like how they picked Larxene's English VA in my opinion.
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    Quick questions on Re: Coded multiplayer...

    Well, that dashes my hopes..
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    Quick questions on Re: Coded multiplayer...

    1. Will the missions that come with the game be playable in single player(ala how Mission Mode was done in 358/2 Days)? 2. DO we know how the various playable characters work(AKA, how to choose between them)?
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    [spoiler] Master Xehanort: Evil or Not?

    I second this. MX had a good point, but the ends NEVER justify the means.
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    How much did Aqua really know?

    Well, she probably realized it was MX when Terranort SUMMONED MX'S KEYBLADE.
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    Is this real?

    I just found it out...It was so realistic, it fooled me.
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    Is this real?

    Someone posted an Ultimania translation, but it may be fake... Link: "Scenario Mysteries" Ultimania Interview. *spoilers* - Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Message Board for PSP - GameFAQs Let me know if this is fake or real.
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    Well, maybe this boss'd be only in the Last Story, and be the Lingering Sentiment.
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    The new Boss in the NA version of BBS...

    This DOES make sense..They did have the proper setup....Maybe this could be the case ala Sora VS Roxas was(in KH2, the fight was a cutscene; in the Final Mix version, you could play the fight.)
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    Some English BBS Screens

    Maybe the point Terra gains Blade Charge is changed(like how similat gameplay edits were made between Japanese and NA releases of other games).
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    The new Boss in the NA version of BBS...

    Whoa..3 Pages already? Anyway, it'll probably be an Unversed boss or maybe that new char mentioned..If it's Sora, somehow... Young MX...Probably not.
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    The new Boss in the NA version of BBS...

    As you may already know, BBS has been finally fully announced for US shores...We know it's in summer..But, anyway, one of the new things is a new boss...Any ideas, folks?
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: Richard Epcar IS voicing Apprentice Xehanort Wonder how he'll play Xehanort this time..Hope he does like he did in RE: COM.
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    Aqua and Mickey/Riku DR

    Well....DiZ did it. He helped Riku escape, by making Riku face the darkness, and probably sent the card that brought Mickey out of the RoD.