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    Weapon Stock

    Are any of the weapons going to be in stock again after they're sold out?
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    Jak 3

    Who thought Jak 3 should have had more in it? Like missions and stuff.
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    I'm confused

    Hey my friend on here said I'm bugged what does that mean? I forget.
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    New FF characters?

    Isn't Vincent officially gonna be in it but there is no shots of him yet? I hope Cloud and Leon are in KH2 but unfortunately they probably won't (Face it, they probably won't be in it lol) but at least Auron's gonna be in it cause he's my third favorite FF character...
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    Any Vincent pics????

    Hey just wondering has anyone seen any pics of vincent from KH2? Probably not but still I want to see what he looks like!!!!
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    Fanfiction ► Things KH Characters Would Never Say!!!! REBORN!!!

    *Sora walks over to kairi and sees her makin the shell necklace* Sora:Watcha doin? Kairi:Yer mom!
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    I Beat Leon In Traverse Town

    I beat him the first time at like level 7 lol my friend was there sayin I couldn't win lol
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    FF7 remake reborn

    I hve decided to remake a thread for all of those ff7 remake threads we lost so go ahead and post ideas of what it could have and yes I know this will make people mad cause a lot of people thought it was spam lol