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    The Love Of Chess

    Read, Compliment and Critique I move to you closer, Just to touch the other side Make myself known But our hands are tied Yet the lies that dart around me Murder my only wall. The only knight I knew Once stood tall Taken by the rook who Skipped my defence In a quick ounce of luck Is...
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    LOL JK

    I have the coolest pokemon LOL JK i have a medapod We have all seen them. Show us your faves
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: A New Hero Emerges

    YAY! It looks great and IS great! Top marks by me Ken, you sexy piece of FanFicness
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    Help/Support ► Cosplay Help

    1) Need to get cosplay costume...Where is the best online store to get cheap ones my limit is $80 U.S, 1a) i know about Ebay...thats it 2) I am medium height, slim, brown eyes, pale skin, almond eyes, long brown hair - I am thinking Tifa from FF any other suggestions 3) Other general...
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    Digimon - The Virtue Generation

    Before Info! The digivices are the same as Season 2 Sorry its up late, reality is a GIANT poo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rhia Rensen looked aimlessly at the clock, two more minutes she...
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    Digimon - The Virtue Generation (Collab RolePlay by thechaserblade and Aliahya)

    Digimon- The Virtue Generation Where did they go? Where did they come from? Why are they here? Seven sins for seven terrible monsters taken purely from the darkness to place upon the earth havoc and destruction. Seven Digimon rose from the darkest of an illegitimate hell under the...
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    Digimon Anyone?

    Hey everyone, Lately i have been watching the old Digimon series and i was thinking about a Digimon RP, but that is about as far as i got, although i have a few ideas they are not yet worthy of a decent RP, would anyone like to throw in any ideas, or collab with me? Aliahya
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    favorite drive form

    I love the attacks that master has, plus its easy to level up in the land of dragons
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    A Team Battle

    Okay, so i was inavtive for AGES and now im back, i havent battled in ages but I am up for a challenge, a blood bath if they say Time: The far future Location: Destroyed remnants of a once great city Type: Cybonic, Technology is a must, guns, plasma beams whatever doesn't exist...exists...
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    Drive Forms

    In Kingdom Hearts 2 Where is the best place to level up drive forms Valor Wisdom Master Final
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    GEIH (Geneticaly Enhanced Insect Hybirds)

    As of late i have been studing insects, haha facinating i know Well i was thinking of a Futureistic War Related Rp. The setting i am thinging is in the army where a small amount of genically enhanced Soliders have been combined with the DNA of a certain insects giving them certain strenghts...
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    Help/Support ► Disappointment

    Thank You Everyone! I really Appreciate Everyones Advice
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    Help/Support ► Disappointment

    That sound like a good idea; To be honest i think i might go for a walk now. Might clear my head
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    Help/Support ► Disappointment

    Disappointment "Whine Whine Moan Moan" Point is, Do you guys have any practical ways of getting over disappointment if so what are your secrets? Cause at the moment, the way i do it is sh*thouse.
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    Help/Support ► Girl Help

    Thankyou for the thank yous Ask her parents, this might sound too far but if your confident give her parents a call and ask if they would like you to bring you guitar to the dinner for you to play a song to them. Also by doing this it makes it sound like you really care about there...
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    Help/Support ► Girl Help

    Be confident in who you are, show them you have something to offer, have a career goal- eg what you want to do after school Address them as Sir, Mrs and Mr until they say not to Ask your girlfriend if they have an intrest or hobby eg sport or television series. If not which is unlikely talk...
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    Reasons For Athiests and God

    Allot of people at my school and area claim to either believe or not believe in a god yet those who disbelieve in god really make me curious as to their reasons why what are your reasons for the disbelief? this thread is welcome to believers as well as im interseted in the point of view of...
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    Calling all Creative Writers

    Hey Writer in the Making. Im in attempts to compose a post modern piece for my own enjoyment and well one day turning it into an actual book. Heres my question to you guys of the world. I would like to invlolve the children from the internet. So if you have a spare few moment where you are...
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    Dream Role

    Hey theaspians, What is everones Dream Role?