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    need buddys for myspace?! -_-

    um wellllll just 2 say would any of u like to be my myspace buddy if u guys know myspace i've been in there for a while now and i gotta say, it isn't that great. i've been meaning to change my profile to add more stuff, but i've been lazy, so i'm thinking to do that some other time instead. i...
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    hours for ff7

    i'm borrowing my friends ff7 and u know i have to go through it quick. so how many hours will it take to finish ff7 including trying to get the materias and remeber i'm rushing through it so how many hours? thankz just a quick Q. ^_^
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    black rooms

    where can u get black rooms? which place does it starts off ? thankx
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    new trailer in jump festa

    um sorry to say this but is the new trailer around the net yet?
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    what happens next after beating game

    when u defeat the game after riku what happens, new game, have everything back ? plays as riku or sora? what happens? btw how do u get one winged angel, diamond dust and ultima weapon thankx ^_^
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    ffx help pleaze

    pleaze. #1just want to know what are jecht spheres? are they the saving spheres or what? post image if so. #2 when u find the al bhed languages, is it in order? thankx alot
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    mulan of course she got the little big feirsome dragon mushu!
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    atlantica, port royal which is next?

    kay thankx now i got it!!
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    atlantica, port royal which is next?

    can someone please anwser thats all kay?
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    atlantica, port royal which is next?

    what? i don't get what you guys are talking about
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    atlantica, port royal which is next?

    kay well after disney castle, u have a choice of atlantica or port royal right? which one? cuz for atlantica, u can't do the musicals without some things right?
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    atlantica, port royal which is next?

    which one cuz don't u need some specific things for atlantica right? so just go to portroyal or atlantics 1st. if port royal, u can just skip atlantica and wait till u get what u need?
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    Best Form

    he looks soooooooo cute in final form
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    Goofy as a turtle.

    i thought it was funny in kh when he used his shield to open chest wehn they used the trinity things. very funny. hes is goofy after all
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    FFX unnveiling video

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=UkZcy7o60y4&search=final%20fantasy%20X go dawm it why did tidus look better the whole graphics look was better looking and his hair flies why doesn't the final version have this and what is playonline? tidus looks alot better how come they didn't keep it?
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide (Spoilers) i saw a miss spelling fay....day
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    What I Did't Like About KHII

    god dammit i'm tired of this kh2 problem.............
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    Poupu Fruit

    would luv it if it was a real paopu though, butwas like the main theme in destiny island for kh but in kh2 the sea salt ice cream was for twilght town as their theme
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    Riku's arm

    it's style of course now the dangling?
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    which sephorith is harder?

    like the title says. is sephorith harder in kh or kh2