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    Whoa. I just noticed something about the Gambler Nobodies

    no,i've never noticed that....but thanx for mentioning it! i'll keep an eye out for it
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    Did you ever...

    yeah,but after hugging her he could've said "i missed u so much" but he justs stands there....i was disappointed in some way.but at least they hugged.that's the important thing ^^
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    haha,one of my friends tends to always say that "giggity giggity giggy gig"
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    Mickey's Letter

    haha that's classic!! ^^ good one Ed-Man
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    Mickey's Letter

    haha,Mickey's in jail,i wonder what for...
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    Mickey's Letter

    Dear Sora, Thought this was all gonna turn out to be some cheesy happy ending,huh? SO sorry,but the end of all things to come....IS GONNA COOOOME!!!!!!!!! RUN FOR UR LIIIIIIIVESSSSSSS!!!! OH DEAR,THIS WHOLE GOD-FORSAKEN UNIVERSE IS GOING TO BE SWALLOWED BY THIS HUUUUUGE BLACK HOLE!!! AND THEN AS...
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    what is it there?

    exactly. i have to admit that i did have some fun,it was a nice break,but so unnescessary
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    Is this in the game?

    i know, i was thinking about that part earlier today,and thought if we would actually be seeing that seen in the game.but looking at the condition of the castle,i guess that part had to be cut out.it's really sad
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    this is really frustrating me

    oh,so they move? they're not still?that's interesting
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    this is really frustrating me

    how come i didn't know about these vendors? i've never seen them before....
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    Importance Of Cloud

    lol yeah In KH 1 i wasn't crazy about Cloud and Sephiroth.But now in KH2 I've just relized how.....how do you say it...."important" or nessescary" they are.But to tell you the truth,if anything happens to them i won't mourn the loss
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    Importance Of Cloud

    u really think so?
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    Importance Of Cloud

    kool.But why does he have to be so hard? The battle begins,I press triangle to block/defend,and i don't know what happens but all my health is almost gone! but i'll go ask for help over at the members help members section so that i can stop taking up space over here
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    Importance Of Cloud

    have no clue what Tifa would want from him....but i know one thing: Sephiroth's health bar is soooo long! 14 bars! it's insane! And yes, Cloud DOES deserve a much bigger role.So many people love him,and to see him with a very small role only disappoints the fans....
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    this is really frustrating me

    wow....u would think that you would have to complete ALL of jiminy's journal in only proud mode.....
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    Importance Of Cloud

    yeah, do u mean Hollow Bastion/Radiate Garden?
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    this is really frustrating me

    oh maaaan.....i don't wanna fight him cause his health is 14 bars looong....
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    this is really frustrating me

    hey,i was just wonderin', do you have to defeat Sephiroth also to get the secret ending?
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    Help with the titan cup

    hey,i'm having the same exact problem.i can only get a score of 586 and it sucks! and you can't use drive forms cause it's just Sora
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