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  1. Shadow Key

    Help/Support ► my girlfriend had something happen to them.

    thanks guys. i'm trying my hardest. i love her all my heart, i really do. i don't ever plan on leaving her, i know that for a fact. i'm not sure what kind it was, i didn't ask, i was more concerned about just being there. pretty sure it was actual using my context clues. :P it's from the past...
  2. Shadow Key

    Help/Support ► my girlfriend had something happen to them.

    it's been a really really long time since i last posted on this forum, but i really have no idea where else to turn to. and you guys, from what i remember, are fairly intelligent people, so here i go. my girlfriend was raped. i'm one of the few that know. i'll explain details if requested. and...
  3. Shadow Key

    Music ► Gorillazzzz (feat. James Murphy and Andre 3000)

    Not only is Gorillaz releasing 4 fabulous pairs of shoes, but they're also coming out with a new 12 minute long video and song. Tell me I'm not the only one on this forum overwhelmingly excited about it. Hi, it's out now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWqxbP6Fuh8
  4. Shadow Key

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Box Art Revealed!

    If there's one thing I'll give Nomura credit for is creating beautiful cover art.
  5. Shadow Key

    last time i checked

    never mind delete this
  6. Shadow Key

    KH3D 10th Anniversary Box Contents Revealed!

    I feel like a faithful wife who has been staying with their bastard husband for 10 years regardless of his heavy drinking, multiple women and gambling issues, thinking there will be something good out of it eventually and I'll feel like I did in the honeymoon stage. At this rate, KH3 will be...
  7. Shadow Key

    Official Gold Eyed Person Discussion Thread

    Re: Now that we know who MF is you win everything congrats
  8. Shadow Key

    Official Gold Eyed Person Discussion Thread

    Re: Now that we know who MF is wait... when the hell did we learn who MF is? I've been gone for too long...
  9. Shadow Key

    Obama's "One Goddamn Reason" Campaign

    Obama Openly Asks Nation Why on Earth He Would Want to Serve Another Term But seriously, is there one goddamn reason he would want to?
  10. Shadow Key

    Birth by Sleep Makes IGN's Top 25 PSP Games of All Time

    Best PSP game of 2011, yes. Best game in 2011, no. But that's just me. Don't get me wrong, I loved Peace Walker all my heart, but I thought there we some better console games out there (i.e. Portal 2, Uncharted 3, Arkham City, and of course, CoD KIDDING!.) Edit: wait, didn't PW come out in 2010?
  11. Shadow Key

    Why 358/2 Days is a Poor Narrative Experience.

    Oh, that makes sense now! Still kind of a crappy line, imho. I think it should've been explained better. I'm starting to think Days should've been a short film or anime or something other than a game. It seems more logical... I mean, it's not like Square's not good with animation or anything...
  12. Shadow Key

    Music ► Indie Thread

    For anything and everything Indie, I guess. Make recommendations, news, etc.... For me, my favorite indie band is Vampire Weekend. They're like asdfjkl; all over my keyboard.
  13. Shadow Key

    Help/Support ► Tips for depression

    Don't get into a relationship until you are fairly stable with your emotions. Oh, and don't rely on your partner to keep you happy. If you do, your relationship is bonked.
  14. Shadow Key

    The Organization in KH3D

    If Nomura wanted it to happen, it would. He'd think of some crazy excuse to have it happen- and one of the big overlaying themes is friendship, so perhaps that could be a source of dispute. It's a lame excuse for it, but there are a lot of stupid excuses for things the characters do in KH...
  15. Shadow Key

    The Organization in KH3D

    Yeah, that's what I get for being gone for a couple months... sorry, ha. Although, I'm sticking to my guns here, a big battle between a divided Organization would be pretty sweet.
  16. Shadow Key

    The Organization in KH3D

    Hello and welcome, my friend! A: KH3D is supposed to be the trials that Riku and Sora go through to obtain the mark of mastery (if I'm not mistaken), so I don't think the actual people will end up being in the game. Perhaps references to them or sneak peaks at them in the secret ending(s)...
  17. Shadow Key