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    65/100 review for KH!! what?!

    Actually I kind of like exploring the worlds , and secondly how hard is it to press (x) ? Then triangle twice for a potion , my 10 year old brother at the time could do that and still kick butt . And ffs shortcuts are there for a reason . I believe this person was another one of those fps heads...
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    santcuary and its backwards lyrics.

    Yeah I heard it a couple days ago and I find the words kind of weird ... maybe slightly more than coincidental but I guess its the fanboy in me that wants it to be connected . D=
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    hehe, well as long as you had fun it doesnt matter what you were =)
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    Keyblade Designs

    I liked them too especially the raging gear and pandoras gear , those are my faves .
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    Significance of the title

    I thought it meant the last cut scene , where roxas wakes up in twilight town... :\
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Lol what ?! Well I guess we all have unique "urges." Like one guy I liked was around my area and I had the urge to follow him a bit lol I decided not to , since I might look like a stalker. xD Oh and I like your sig Du soleil its funny.
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Lol I am not attracted to fems BUT I can be attracted to guys who may have a "softer" side . As for me I have like 2 personalities ,when Im with guys Im all chill and masc but if Im with girls I tend to be a little (just alittle)fem . Don't know why I do this though . *please don't throw...
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    What enemy frustrates you the most?

    Sorry Kh2 and difficult do not go together in a complete sentence.
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    What enemy frustrates you the most?

    Emerald serenade and wonderland heartless . The first serenade made me cry a little . It brings horrible memories .
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Of course not , we are all human and we have our preferences . My friend hangs out with everyone of any race , he's pretty cool , its just sexually his preferences are strict .
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    Mission Mode

    Wow you guys must have friends who have this game because I have like 17 >_<
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Okay I've got a question . Ok I have a friend who is also gay but only likes blacks and whites , if your neither then gtfo . But I like everyone regardless of race . My friend says that when someone is so open they appear easy and desperate . Is this true ? My feelings on this is that if your so...
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    final boss

    Curaga is utterly useless unless your in co-op mode . And yeah USE magic people ! Magic ( esp the 3 thunders ) is your greatest weapon !
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Yup there are tons of hot guys out there !
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    The "ultra-hard" Leech Grave?

    Lol not hard at all , just takes a long time to kill BUT emerald serenades take longer !
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    Favorite KH2 Org. Member

    Upon all members its Zexion but in Kh2 respect it is Demyx because I like his care free nature , like we could totally hang out . =D
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    Cannon , plus they should make it for ds or psp at least =(
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    which path wud u hav taken

    no light because light is boring and no darkness because I have a conscience . Anyway from this I choose twilight .
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    Why Final Fantasy Doesn't Matter in Kingdom Hearts

    mmm...I like ff BUT it would never work , it would just force a whole lot of retcon most likely about memories or something
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    Sora Vs. Roxas

    I agree , with days , Roxas story wise is much more in-depth than Sora .