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    14 organization member

    I personally doubt that it's a character we're familiar with. I mean, when the KHII trailers came out, wasn't everybody screaming that the BHK was Riku (which didn't make any damn sense)? Well, in the same aspect, I believe everyone simply wants it to be a returning character. I find it more...
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    How Fast Can You Beat Sephiroth?

    I was level 72 when I beat Sephy at a min. and 43 seconds. I had Beserk Charge equiped, along with Trinity and Ultima. Glide and Aerial Dodge were extremely helpful.
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    Riku in Land of Dragons.

    No, he's not beatable. I've gotten him down to 0-.5 HP before, but then nothing happens. I just whack his ass around until the time limit breaks. The first time I got his bar to 0, I thought I killed him and put the controller down, but then he did that shadow slash and killed me. The look on my...
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    U.E.M's Keyblade [Secret Trailer]

    That's actually very interesting. As Khaston said, it's almost as if his Keyblade is the "Key to Kingdom Hearts." Of course, the fact that he threw his keyblade could have simply been for theatrical effect. As we recall, in Deep Dive, Riku was shown removing his keyblade as a violet heart formed...
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    Anti Form theory

    I find that unlikely. :/ I only hit Anti-Form 3 times the entire game, and I still obtained Final Form.
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    Ending picture

    Yes there are, which I found particularly cool. When I played Standard I thought the picture was complete crap. It looked like it got stretched on a torture device. =P Proud was much better, but I don't know about Beginner.
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    What did You...

    I named mine Highwind. Pfft, Riku can't outsmart me. xD
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    possible kh3 explanation

    When a Nobody is vanquished, I believe it just disappears, returning, as they say, "back to the darkness". They aren't freed, because ther's nothing to free, say for their soul, and once that leaves the being perishes. As for Xehanort, you'll notice that both his Heartless and Nobody were...
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    Glitches In KDH2?

    I've never heard of that. A game shouldn't freeze unless you've used a cheat code improperly.
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    KH2's Broken Promises

    If you mean the abilities like "Herme's Tail" and "Zeus' Might", those were scrapped. The ability you recieved would depend on how well and quickly you completed the world, which I found kind of stupid. Besides, times and plot loops often require things to be scrapped, it's a natural part of the...
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    Ultamate Kh2 Therory Must Read

    Talk about pointless spam. >.>
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    KH3 Fenrir

    Perhpas ther graveyard is simply every form a keyblade has every adapted, and in the center is there original form? Either way, this is an excellent find.
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    Something I never noticed about the Nobody Symbol...

    Wow, I never noticed that. Nice find. ^^
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    i've got a question...

    I believe it was Jiminy crawling up Sora's shirt to remind him he was there, too.
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    Did you notice that about the Keyblade?

    A keychain really only makes up the keyblade's appearance. Of course, without a keychain you really have to wonder what'd look like.
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    i just noticed..

    You mean no one ever noticed? Wierd, it's like been there since I bought it. :P
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    Is KH1 sora fake or is KH2 sora fake?

    For one, his voice changed due to something called PUBERTY. It's been a year in that flowery pod. Of course he looks different as well. As for what felt wrong, maybe you have an STD. xD
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    Keyblade... when riku got that?

    No one actually knows, his Soul Eater just changed into Way to the Dawn.
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    Keyblade... when riku got that?

    Whoops. Sorry about that, computer lag. :P
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    I'd make it so that the worlds simply had more involement with the main storyline. In KH, Sora went from world to world, looking for some way to find Kairi and King Mickey. In KH2, he just travels here nad there solving that world's particular problem, with no relativity to the general plot.