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    Kingdom Hearts II Passion Mix Downloadable

    nice work Xaldin. as always you seem to be puttin out the good stuff. Thanks!
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    Tons of new information on Saix and KHII

    wow good job Xaldin. very nice find. thanks for the info.
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    sora new clothes

    well wasnt that year spent in the pod getting his memories back? or did he eventually get out and start roaming around again before KH2?
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    Intro Movie

    thats a decent theory id say. prolly do a recap of what happened so people have somewhat of an idea of whats going on if they dont already.
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    Think you would fight all Unkowns at once?

    that would be a nice challenge, but maybe something set off as a bonus fight or something.
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    hey was there a translation for this picture yet?

    im pretty sure it is his laser gun, i think i saw somethin like it in a commercial/trailer....
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    i like sora cause we customize his deck, now if we could customizre rikus deck itd be a dif story
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    Pst your current level

    Soras at level 99 (man that took me forever) and Rikus at level 65.
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    Kingdom hearts Com: Gold soul eater

    well show us some evidence ofit first of all. second of all if he had if and he used a code then why dont you just ask him for the code. sounds like foul play to me.
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    KH2 Summons

    there is already a thread similar to this here. http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=34027 please dont make duplicate threads.
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    as much as id love to see Vincent i wanna see some proof there buddy.
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    Where's Sephiroth in KH2 ?

    itll be nice to see Seoh again in KH2. although i dont beleive he has been confirmed yet right? but yea like others have said if he shows up hell prolyl just be another bonus boos like last time. but yea it would be cool if he had a more significant role.
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    Location..Locaion..new world?

    itts most def Tron but what i wanna know is what is Leon doin there? but something else though if he was in the Tron world wouldnt he be wearing those suits or w/e? (sorry i dont know much bout Tron)
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    Ansem in kh2 !!!!!!

    well it doesnt prove it but its almost a given that he gonna show up at one point or another sometime in the game.
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    New Scans!!!

    def looks like its gonna be an awesome world. that pic of Ansem is in Hollow Bastion and i would assume it is from KH1 like some have said, but my question is what is the relevance between Ansem and the Tron world? and does the Tron world have some releveance to Hollow Bastion.
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    help with final boss Soras Story

    im not exactly familiar with the Tinker Bell card, what does it do again? also another thought that came to me, since the fight is decently long try to keep few premium cards in ur deck, cause if u load it up with premiums u cant reload them and ur screwed.
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    i like both but i like sora more cause u can use w/e cards u want in his deck making it more personalize to ones self. but going Dark mode with Riku is fun to lol.
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    who is your fave COM unknown.

    im partial to Axel but i thing maluxrias pretty cool too.
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    help with final boss Soras Story

    well frist off have pleny of cure cards and use them as one card until u feel the need to make a sleight out of them. also have high level attack cards and plenty of cloud cards. BUT DONT NOT USE OMNISLASH!!! when hes about to use the charge technique, card break it and u should end up relativly...
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    Com Dvd

    yea like Sora_Key_Master said it wouldbe good for people who dont know what happened in CoM. cause lord knows if i didnt get CoM oi would be so damn confused it wouldnt even be funny.