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    The Orginization's Superior.........?

    Oathion, I agree with your friend. That was my theory I'd been talking about. DiZ is indeed a Twilight Ansem, neither light nor dark, good nor evil, existant nor nonexistant. That's why he'd told Riku to decide if he were real or not, if his "advice" was helpful or not, etc. Also, Riku is now a...
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    Favorite Organization Member

    How can you like Larxene better than Axel? I mean, come on, Larxene sucks. And no, a movie with Axel as the star would just not work, sorry. I do think it would be cool if Marluxia, Lexeaus, and Axel got in a fight, though. Although Marluxia would win, I'm sure the revered Axel would put up at...
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    Favorite Organization Member

    Do you care to explain why?
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    riku and the orginization

    I (like a few others) think that Riku and Mickey are double agents, and not truly Organization members. And Onix, your theory doesn't make much sense. For one thing, Mickey is the King of light and Riku is an entity of Twilight. Secondly, before they'd left Castle Oblivion, Mickey had saved Riku...
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    The Orginization's Superior.........?

    Not to get off topic, but just for my info, people here don't think DiZ is Ansem? I mean, I personally don't think DiZ is Ansem, but everywhere else, people think that DiZ is Ansem. I have a deep, logical theory on DiZ and Ansem, but I don't think this thread is the right place to post it, so I...
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    Favorite Organization Member

    My favorite Unknowns are Marluxia, Axel, and Lexeaus. Marluxia is the coolest because he has that Rose Scythe thing, and he has a calm and collected attitude. Also I think that he's the strongest Unknown, even moreso than Axel. Therefore Marluxia is my numero uno Unknown. Axel comes in second...
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    NEW THEORY: Riku's Blindfold

    Hmm... this is very interesting... yet more confusing. The original theory of Riku was that he shielded his eyes from the light by using his blindfold, but that opinion was quickly squashed because Riku is now Twilight and not affected by light. So, I had ruled that that this entity was not...