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    Final Fantasy XI

    does anyone play FFXI? i should have it in the neext week
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    KH2 Poster!

    i think it is the cover for kingdom hearts 2...it is kinda the same from the first game...
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    Trailer Summary!!!!!

    wow thanks ^^ does he have a guitar?
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    Trailer Summary!!!!!

    who is demix?
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    13th order and the worlds/Secret E3 Trailer

    we want the video !! bam bam we want the video!! bam bam!
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    is sephiroth in com

    i think that many people havent beat sephirot in kh ..instead they did they lose...so he don't remember..:P...just a thoght....:P but he did see himm..
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    Query: Deep Jungle

    okey listen now...they did'nt put in deep jungle because that they have losed the rights... it would not fit in castle oblivion with 14 worlds and 13 org members...thay putt in twilight town instead
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    Kingdom Hearts question

    i hope they not does not more than to kingdom hearts 3...i don't want more kh games....(it's true)
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    who the strongest boss

    the riku fight when not donald and goofy is'nt with...and marluxia..(not the last battle)
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    why do u think that pete is in kh2?

    i think he is like the leblanc syndicate..(?)...in final fantasy x-2... like he pops up in an world in time and time... because he's both in agrabha and that ..hades world(:P)he maybe works for the org?? like spy on sora or something?
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    Railways in TT

    anyway i think most of you have seen twilight town before and can search on it on the web here..it wont work on my profile..
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    Railways in TT

    oops the picture didnt show up..i have it on my profile in stead then
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    Railways in TT

    I don't know if this is old or not.. but i saw it just a minute a go.. that TWilight Town has railways on the picture..if you look close..i have seen the train on other pictures..
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    Unknown in the Beginning of CoM...is it AXEL???

    it was confirmed as Marluxia... and it makes sence... it is Marluxia who want's the power of the keyblade..and he leads sora to castle oblivion and he uses naminé to putt in new memories so he can rememder naminé and forget he's old friends... and he will listen to naminé under marluxias control
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    Only 4!!

    it's only 4 new characters in kingdom hearts! ansem,sora,riku,kairi then the rest is only disney or Final Fantasy characters .....-not very new-....
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    How Was The Shell Theory?(forgot)

    can some one tell me about the shell theaory..i have forgot....can someone refresh my memory?..
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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    i go for light....i dont want to bee a shell or swallowed by the darkness
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    Sora vs Riku

    i vote for sora in KINGDOM HEARTS 2 not in the first game...if i have too i vote for riku in the first game
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    Official favorite summon thread

    i like Simba..:P