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    Be honest..

    Sure he says he is skilled.. but look at Sephiroth after the fight.. after all the crap you went through to try and beat him he ISNT EVEN SCRATCHED.. and if we want to take into consideration "skills" and "how large enemies" they each have beat... I can just mention Ultima Weapon and Ultima...
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    Be honest..

    Let me rephrase this then... let's say you aren't controlling Sora and it's just a fight between Sora and Cloud... don't answer if you haven't played FF7 lol:rolleyes:
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    Be honest..

    My girlfriend and I recently had a debate on who would win in a fight, Cloud or Sora... she's never played FF7 either so I told her there was no way she could judge that.. SO I want all of you to be honest and post who would win in a fight just so I can rub it in her face that Cloud would...