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    Official Countdown Thread.

    why was this bumped back -_- was it really neccessary?
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    Yes, another poll, please forgive me and my boredom

    yep i used oblivion the most no matter what I love it, especially how it looks!
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    where did they get them?????????

    I dont understand how they made those weapons, but its really creative, and I love them!
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    How hard is it on proud mode?

    i think it is way easier that standard it is not that hard if you come to think of it.
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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    swwwwweet sounds like alot of fun!
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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    lol that is funny i am dating clouf strife and he is the best boyfriend eva
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    What Should've Been in KH2

    anything relly i would like a more challengeing game tho
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    Kingdom Hearts II sells 1 million in North America!!

    wow that is alot of copies no wonder it is the best game EEEEVVVVVEEEEERRRRR
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    Sad when you beat kh2?

    i was upset that it ended because i was expecting more out of it and i think it was nice with all the graphics and everything and sora and riku and kairi have to fight together and i hope that they do that
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    Who hates the KH2 Commercial?

    i think that is is ok but they could make it better and i think that sora is hot and smexi and i would like to see more imporvment
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    wats your fav drive?

    i would have to say valor and final
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    anyone remmebers hayner quote at the begining

    o im sorruy i dont kno
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    thnx people that posted
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    ok thanks i really aprecaite it
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    quick question

    i really dont kno i just fought them
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    thank you and please keep on posting
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    I am on Tron for the secong time, and i can not get by the protecting the ship level. I have tried and tried but i always ending up failing. So if Any can please help me out post some comment and i thank you for your cooperation! :)
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    Cant Defeat Xaldin

    HELLLLPPPP!!! i can not beat him can you please guve me some hits ont this please.:)
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    How Do you defeat Xaldin in Beasts castle

    i can not beat him but when i do i get so madd!!! i want to trough the contoller
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    Sephiroth easier in KH2?

    i dont think he is easy i think he is very hard!