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    Princess Kairi

    a surprise father daughter relationship seems to cliche to me............
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    Where did Maleficent and Pete went?

    i think Nomura probably will keep them around only for the sake of still having a "Disney Villian" because i think without one the game may seem a little less Disney oriented i wouldn't mind somebody else though besides maleficent and pete........a villian that hasn't been used in the games maybe
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    Strength or Magic?

    i like Ningacom's point i'm the same way when i want things interesting i try to throw some magic in there but usuall y i get inpatient with taking so long if i want to use a variety of spells since you can only have a couple shortcuts....so strength
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    Taaaa Daaa! I'm Back!!!

    hey idk if everyone remembers me i haven't been on here since right after christmasi had alot of very close buddies though so just holla if you do remember me!!!! i got really tied up with school stuff and friends and i had a blast but i missed everybody here too!!!!! But school is done now...
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    Fanfiction ► /-Moonlight Shadow-/

    hey looks like i got back just in time to enjoy another ff!!!!! i'm pumped!!!!!! lol
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    wasn't sure where to put this but.......

    does anyone know where i can get the kingdom hearts wall calendar???? my parents tried to get me one for christmas but it was a little one and they have no idea where to get a wall one lol. thanks for your help!!!!!
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    Inuyasha and Full metal alchemist movies

    gi does anyone of a site where i can watch inuyasha and full metal alchemist movies for free without downloading them????
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    did they cut stuff out of KH2?

    well that probably would up the challenge where were you able to do that????
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    did they cut stuff out of KH2?

    it definately is saddening behemoth was a really easy fight though
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    did they cut stuff out of KH2?

    i wish we would have been able to roam Hallow Bastion again that would have been nice and i didn't even know they had cut out Behemoths and wyverns why did they do that???
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    which scenario are you playing as?

    I'll probably do Ven's first because i am dying to know the reason that he looks like Roxas, then Aqua, then Terra
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    Well.....that was dumb

    I was warned..i knew it was coming...but i had no idea that it would SUCK SO BAD!!!! I'm reffering to the Inuyasha finale. Now people had told me that the show ended without a conclusion...but i thought it would just stop suddenly you know like it was canceled but nooooo they did this dumb last...
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    therories for 358/2 Days

    i was meaning maybe they didn't put it as /2 just trying to think outside the box thats all but i ddo think it is definately connected with how long Roxas was around before he went back to sora
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    therories for 358/2 Days

    These are all interesting theories i think maybe someone should see how it is written in japenese and see what if its meaning is the same when you see "/2" you think divided by two but maybe in japenese its written to mean something else
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    Whats is funny cutscene you like

    The Demyx scenes in Hllow Bastion and hercules were pretty funny especially when Demyx goes "Silence traitor!" and Sora's face is friggin priceless he's just like WTH??? and the fight and Mulan really got me laughin
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    KHII Soundtrack

    hmmmmmm HECK NO YOU CAN'T!!!! lolz JKJK ur silly since you were the first person on my list you goober!!! once i learned the words i couldn't forget them they are engraved in my mind i have dial up because wireless isn't available yet where i live so anything that gets downloaded makes the...
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    KHII Soundtrack

    yes SQUARE you can add me!!! ^^ i can sing passion in japenese and a couple of otherutada songs my friend got for me off the internet in japenese you just gotta listen really hard!!! and i agree DB is better on the second one
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    KHII Soundtrack

    oh i see its okay i understand but can i still add you??? that would be fun to confuse random people with our special geek music lofl
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    KHII Soundtrack

    LOL sounds like fun but i could never fool my friends that play with that kinda thing we are all deeply obssessed with the game. I didn't really like the one winged angel that much actually
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    KHII Soundtrack

    I agree the atlantica songs aren't that great but they are super cheesy in japenese!!! Don't get me wrong i listen to alot of japenese music and i have nothing against the language or anything like that