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    BHK name & crazy lame theory

    I think BHK's name will mean destiny. Why? You know that: "One sky, one destiny"-thing? Sounds bit dumb, but I think his name means destiny... (Sora means sky, as it has been said above.) What japanese names mean destiny?
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    My Keyblade Master Idea

    Wooden stick ruled. But yes, your theory has unexplained things. But if the keyblade sought a new master, and Sora returned normal, I think that keyblade splitted, somehow. But ignore this, it's just my ideas.
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    More CG movies in KH2

    It's impossible for KH2 to been set up like FFX. FFX had many places in 2D, almost every interior. But KH2 got high quality 3D graphics everywhere, so I believe there's going to be only 4. 2 for 1 disc. :o But yea Tre, you're calling too many people noob. :/ This is not a noobie question, many...
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    About some of the Worlds

    The command menu probably goes like this: Attack (Special Action, if not avaible there's ?) Magic Items That's just one possibility, probably that ? means that the skill/action isn't avaible for the moment. ;p
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    Err... A question... *raises hand*

    Yyup. It's Riku for sure.
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    new fusion

    Actually I believe that in KH2 will be double- and triple techs, just like in Chrono Trigger. Sweet. Here's Auron and Sora doing a double tech! :O It's a sword hurricane thing, there's another picture where their weapons spin around and they jump away from 'em.
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    bad news

    Bah, they just listed 'em without no clear order.
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    If someone Died!!!

    Re: Someone Dies!!! Yeah like Riku-Keyblade said, Sora can't be killed. Anyways, if someone dies in KH2, is probably Axel, BHK, Riku or Mickey.
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    Well yes, there's keyblades from worlds and keyblades that you must make yourself. But making them is a small hell, because Nomura has told that the parts for keyblades are well hidden...
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    If Winnie The Pooh Comes Back In Kh2 I Will Burn The Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wished that Pooh would be a keyblade master too. It would be funny to see how he jumps around beating up heartless and being all cool... :p
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    That's NOT a comic. Just a weird dialogue... and should go to fan fiction what ever. I think too that he's high, Keybladekid...
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    Dual Wielding Techiques

    I think one technique is that he uses with other keyblade Judgement, but can still fight with the other one and then the thrown keyblade returns. I believe one technique will be Ars Arcanum simply. But instead of beating bad one enemy, he beats every one in near him with spinning attacks. And...
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    Huge!!! Bhk/bfu/riku Idea!!! Read This!!!!

    Uh, 5? What do you mean? Anyways, this idea sounds like you came up after you took a trip to the wonderland of drugs. Many up there has proven this crappy idea is wrong. So, MOD SHOULD CLOSE THIS NOW. But after I get to know about FIVE keyblade masters. : p
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    Unofficial Riku thread

    Your blindfold-theory has been made up times ago, but I believe it's true too. But yeah I think Riku and Mickey will be BHK's partners.
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    BHk's Playable! Nomura Confirms!

    Old thing, Verteran. I informed this forum about that BHK is playable-thing two days ago, if I remember right. :)
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    Organization Weapons Looks Like Dusk Symbol Or Even Bhks Zipper

    Stop Writing Your Posts Like This Because It's Really Annoying And Makes It Harder To Read. Yes, that's very old thing... very.. old...
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    worlds in KH2

    All the worlds are told in KH2.net... probably they were in KH2 Preview.
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    Is Jack back?

    KH2's Halloween/Christmas Town probably has the REAL story from the movie, although there's heartless and punk haired child with a big key.
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    What abilities do you want to come back?

    Judgement is a Raid-move in CoM. I recall that it started to whirl around one enemy, hitting it, if the enemy died it moved to next 'til it's time went out and came back to Sora. I think Ragnarok and Trinity Limit should be spells. I want a Ragnarok without that dumb aerial combo. And I didn't...
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    KH:Comics/only discription...Sry

    Didn't really get anything out of it because you write bad. : ( *snif*