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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    chaywa, I think you misunderstood my question. I didn't ask which Keyblades had that text. I asked what the text actually meant when you used those Keyblades in battle. Sorry if it was unclear. If your answer is "capable of dealing a string of critical blows', that is incorrect. The second...
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    LightoftheDark: 10 MP without accessories and MP-enhancing Keyblade, 15 MP with. chaywa: Violetta, Olympia, Herc's Shield, Metal Chocobo, Genji Shield, Lionheart, Save the Queen, Save the King. If you include the weapons in the Final Mix version, Diamond Dust and One-Winged Angel. Nobody's...
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    Nid help badly

    You get Thunder Gems from Screwdivers, Aquatanks, and White Mushrooms. White Mushrooms only yield them if you cast Thunder on them 3 times at the appropriate time, and even then I don't think it's a 100% chance.
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    who cried at the end?

    Yes, I cried a little. Sora fought so hard to reunite himself with his friends, and in the end they were separated again. All his efforts were in vain. His destiny was forced upon him, and he saved the universe at the price of his own happiness.
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    How to defeat Sephiroth in KH!

    When you defeat Sephiroth, you get 20000 EXP. That's it.
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    Ultima Weapon AND Wishing Star. Herc's Shield, Genji Shield, and Save the King. How does Goofy get the Dream Shield?
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    Hi everyone!

    Yeah, as you may guess, I'm new here. This isn't my first post because I only saw this section recently :o. Yes, my username may be odd, and I am slightly odd, but don't take me as a joke, please. I'm going to try to be an active member of this forum. I have no idea what the RPG Inferno thing...
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    Destiny Islands - what role will it play?

    Read my last few posts again. Don't skim through them, read them thoroughly. They should answer your question. In case they don't, I'll try to explain more fully: I know that Kairi's heart was within Sora. My point was that when Sora found her, she seemed drained and lifeless. You could tell...
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    Riku mode/Sora mode

    I agree with Night Shadow. I haven't finished Riku's Story yet, but I'm enjoying the different fighting style. But sometimes, at the end of the level, I think to myself, "Come on, something good's got to happen now!" Then, all there is is some dialogue between some Organization members. But I...
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    Destiny Islands - what role will it play?

    Yes, but it was obvious by her terrible condition in the Secret Place that her heart was either gone or almost gone. The Heartless had reached Kairi before Sora got to the Secret Place, so why didn't she transform into a Heartless immediately? Maybe the Princesses' hearts' purity makes them...
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    synth. help

    Okay... You get Thunder Gems from Screwdivers and Aquatanks. You get Power Shards from Powerwilds (and maybe Bouncywilds, can't remember). You get Blaze Shards from Red Nocturnes. You get Lucid Gems from Wight Knights and Gargoyles.
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    Whats the stupidest thing you ever did in KH?

    It took me ages to realise that by preesing X on a blank slot in the Equipment section, you can equip items. That explained what the things I won from bosses are used for...
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    Destiny Islands - what role will it play?

    It did look like keyhole is in the Secret Place, I was just wondering if it was any different to the others. What is the purpose of the door-like object on the wall? It just seems completely out of place. I'm slightly confused by the fact that the keyhole was only revealed to Riku. I know that...
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    Destiny Islands - what role will it play?

    The title says it all, how big a role do you think Destiny Islands will play in Kingdom Hearts 2? Do you think it will be a playable world, or just a place where Sora returns to at the end of the game? Will it have a major impact on the storyline? I personally hope that it plays a bigger part...