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    The World That Never Was Pic

    Does anyone have a good pic of The World That Never Was? I can't find one. One that doesn't show any characters (except maybe like black cloaked people from Deep Dive...).
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    What's the World?

    What's the place where Axel fights with Sora against the Nobodies called? I can't remember....
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    Which would you rather have an AMAZING website of?

    Pokemon or Kingdom Hearts? Your call.
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    Hey........WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!

    I just read a post about the ES looking like Saix. Well, if you notice, there is also a soldier that looks like ROXAS!!!!!!!!! And I know that girl looks like someone from the Org. but I can't put my finger on it.......it's not Larxene. Or is it...... Anyway, bottom line. Could there be...
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    WHAT?! Oh, cheapness!!!!!!!

    Ok, so yesterday, I was looking for KH news because KHInsider was down. So I go to this site and I read an article. I thought it was old news, so I kept going. It just so happens that that exact article IS FEATURED ON KHINSIDER A DAY LATER!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO MAD THAT I DIDN'T POST IT...
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    Ok, time to bring something to the table.

    If you notice, in the secret ending the Blue Haired Girl (BHG) sees Roxas (I think) falling off the edge. And (as you all saw) it gets a close up of Roxas's face. It shows the BHG in his eye. This means (obviously) he was looking at her with caring. She looked very worried beyond just a battle...
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    I just realized something that is really really really dumb.......

    ALL OF THE SOLDIERS ARE NEW CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if they have no connections to the previous characters, then the series would pretty much be starting over again!!!!!!! These guys have got to have some sort of connection to previous characters BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!
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    What's Wrong With My Secret Ending!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It says on the home page of KHInsider that a new version with sound is available. BUT IT'S NOT WORKING!!!! IT SAYS IT'S NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT'S WRONG!!!!!!!!!
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    Could the to bald guys be different people?

    If you notice, the inside of there capes are different colors. And they look like they are in different places. They kinda look like just a little different to me...... Even I doubt this theory, just thought I should bring it up...... (spelled to wrong in the title. I have a sprained thumb. Sry!)
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    Photoplus is confusing......

    I'm not a huge tech guy. Here's my question: How do you make a background that isn't just solid color? Like for a sig.
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    NCAA Bracket

    What are your thoughts? Did your team get in?
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    The "My Life Sucks" Fanclub

    You can join if you think you life sucks. Give me a reason. Here's mine: My friend lost his girlfriend and cuts up his hand about it and he only told me which gives me a lot of pressure. My other friend is having girlfriend problems to and I think that girl likes me. And, my Grandma's in the...
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    The Officially Unofficial Demyx Fanclub

    I thought it would be cool to have a Demyx fanclub. I'd like to dedicate it to FaceDown. I just think Demyx is freakin awesome. If you think he is too, become a member.
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    Guess where I was yesterday?

    I was at a Rascal Flatts concert. We were in the nosebleed but it was awesome! My hearing will never be the same again.
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    Help/Support ► How do you let someone down gently?

    Que rainstorm! jk Trust me, I've had weeks like this......maybe not as advanced as someone dying.....
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    Sora and Kairi are in love.

    Of course they are. WHY DON'T THEY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!
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    Help/Support ► How do you let someone down gently?

    Dude your life sucks.........I had a week like this. and then there was: So I feel your pain. I have a situation like this. My friend likes a girl, she dumps him, he cuts his thumb up about it. We are two peas in a freakin' pod.
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    Help/Support ► Death issues; advice needed

    I remember when my grandpa died. I asked my mom if he'd still be alive in the morning. (I was at his house and slept over. He didn't want to die in the hospital) My mom said he would be alive the next morning. My grandpa was the best person I knew. He always had mints in his pocket and he'd sit...
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    What would be the coolest name for a KH Website?

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Any takers?
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    Which name sounds better.....

    AAA Kingdom Hearts or The Kingdom Hearts Berserk?