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    Spoilers ► [SPOILERS] NEO: The World Ends With You Character Ages and Birthdays Revealed

    Some surprise ages here, but I got the main cast right being 15-16 and Nagi being 19 (because of Japanese student ages when they graduate high school). But with this, we now have an idea which part of the year Shin takes places. Fret is 16 and born in April. Rindo is 15 born on October 20...
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    Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary event recap video released!

    Just because someone has bad memory (Did they also forget the remake/reply Re:CoM came out before KH2 as CoM? Or is their memory simply tied to if a game releases in their country or not?) doesn't make it "weird" when it was intentionally done as the last chapter is the culmination of the...
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    Naoki Yoshida on FFXVI: "Kingdom Hearts team has been especially helpful"

    I find it weird that you chose to use "Disney" instead of Square Enix when this is the most Square Enix-esque article and the article doesn't mention Disney at all. It literally mentioned KH as a SE game alongside XV and 7R and even stated "Kingdom Hearts team at Square Enix". KH is a long...
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    News ► KH 20th anniversary event Q&A masterpost

    I was so absorbed in my post that I forgot to mention this: No wonder Lea/Axel looked kind of sad-ish while keeping up a smile in the anniversary artwork. I wondered how Nomura felt due to FujiKei's passing, especially since he personally chose FujiKei for the red hair roles of his characters.
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    News ► KH 20th anniversary event Q&A masterpost

    My goodness. Did they not review the questions before choosing to answer them? Rhetorical because obviously not. Asking questions like how did Ansem and Namine meet when that was answered back in the KH2 Ultimania. That couldn't have been a Japanese question (I'd be disappointed if it was; the...
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    Genzo Wakayama, voice of Ansem the Wise, passes away at 88

    This hurts so much. Wakayama's performance as Ansem The Wise was so amazing. My favorite line from him comes from the Birth by Sleep Japanese commercial that begins with the iconic PSP logo with the *do do* sound then with him saying "Subete wa nemuri kara umareru" then Hikari starts playing...
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    News ► Keiji Fujiwara, voice of Axel, passes away at 55

    This is info that I feel should be shared because KH doesn't have Japanese audio outside of Asia (unlike every SE series that doesn't have Disney involved) so the news isn't hitting the KH community outside of Asia compared to Asia (unless you know Fujiwara from anime or another game series)...
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    News ► A Look Back: KINGDOM HEARTS Ultimania Gallery Comments Part 1

    Wouldn't this actually be a good time to inform people on what the Japanese names, the original name, that Nomura and his team came up with before it was changed in the overseas release? Might as well take this time to enlighten folks since you're going through the Ultimania. I'm not saying go...